How long should you leave hair dye on your hair?

Most people today use hair dyes either to hide the streaks of white hair or to colour their hair in the shade they wish to. Hair dyes work the best when they are kept in the hair for an approximate period of time.

How long should you leave hair dye on your hair?

It is generally advised to leave hair dye in the hair for a period of 30 to 45 minutes. During the first 25 to 30 minutes the ammonia and peroxide formulas present in the dyes help to change the natural pigment of the hair by paving their way into the hair cuticle. The other 15 minutes are for complete absorption of the dye to the deep roots of the hair so that the hair can fully develop according to the dye and can permeate.


Things to consider when doing hair dye at home

The correct method of the application of hair dye is very important so as to get the best results of the dye as well as the desired colour on the hair.

You can apply the hair dye at your home by following these simple steps that would give you the best results for sure-

  1. Protect your neck area with the help of a towel placed around your shoulders.
  2. Start by preparing the roots bye properly combing the hair and doing a few massages with the fingertips in circular motions to improve the circulation of blood in the area.
  3. Squeeze the hair dye to the rules If you are using a bottle with a nozzle or apply it with the brush only at the roots. Make sure to apply it evenly all over so that they can reach the lower layers too.
  4. Always wear a pair of reusable gloves while you are dying your hair and blend the dye in the roots with the help of your fingertips in zigzag motion.
  5. Let the dye stay in its place for 30 to 45 minutes.
  6. Rinse your hair with the help of a shampoo and make sure to let out all the dye.
  7. It is not advised to let the hair dye stay on your hair after you have removed a major portion of it.
  8. It is important to check the ingredients to find out if any of the ingredients is allergic to you that can cause itchiness or infection.
  9. Carefully read all the instructions given on the label before you actually start colouring your hair.


Advantages of hair coloring with the help of dye

1. Can be done at home

Hair dye can be easily used at home. It is hardly a process of 30 to 45 minutes with no major hard work required.

You can continue doing your daily course while the dye is drying so it helps in saving time too. It is a quick way to give your hair the colour you want within a span of just a few minutes.

It is a cost efficient method of getting your hair ready for the way you want with visible shine and smoothness.

2. Improves the appearance of hairs

Hair dyes help in improving the appearance of your hair if you are bored with the natural regular colour of your hair.

Quant demands such a change that can be easily done with the help of hair dyes to give a young and fresh appearance to the already beautiful look you have.

Even subtle highlights can be done at home with the help of hair dyes that add an extra mark to your hair.

3. Available in customized shades

Hair dyes are now available in customised shades that you can choose from according to your own needs and likings.

It is a method that can be done within minutes.

If you wish to go for a formal event and have your hair coloured from red to black, you just need half an hour while you do your makeup and you’re ready for the event.

4. Available in organic as well

Some hair dyes are completely organic and are also known as vegetable hair dyes.

They have the essential vitamins and minerals that can make your hair strong while giving enough shine to take over any look you create.

It is free of any side effects.

5. Conditions your hairs

The hair dyes also have conditioners inside them that moisturizes the hair and gives them a soft and dense look.

6. Covers grey streaks

It covers the grey streaks of the hair and has essential oils such as almond oil, olive oil and avocado oil that give the hair a long-lasting colour along with proper nourishment.


Disadvantages of hair coloring with the help of a hair dye

1. Need products to maintain

You need to use different products when you have your hair treated with a dye in order to retain their colour and texture.

The regular shampoos, conditioners or oil tend to alter the formula of the hair dye and it can dry out faster while fading the colour of the hair.

2. Using specialized shampoo and conditioners

One needs to keep in mind the colour of the shampoo or the conditioner one is using on the colour treated hair.

Using a purple shampoo over the blonde dyed hair will definitely change its colour.

The desired colour can completely be gone after a few washes of regular hair products.

3. Can be expensive

Dyed hair needs more care with the use of expansive oils and hair care products.

The hair can also become weak if the chemicals contained in the hair dyes are very harmful for the natural formula of the delicate hair.

4. Thin texture than normal hairs

The coloured hair tends to have a thin texture as compared to that of natural hair.

A fullness needs to be added to them by using products that can add volume to the hair such as hair mousse.

5. Regular care required

Regular care is required such as massaging the hair every night with extra virgin coconut oil or aloe vera gel to improve the texture of the hair and prevent their thinning.

It also prevents weakening of the hair roots while ensuring regular nourishment.


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Final words

Every product comes with its own advantages and disadvantages but one needs to be sure that the advantages always outline the disadvantages and the purpose of using the product is fulfilled.

Precautions must be taken before you use any product while testing its ingredients already before using it fully for fulfilling the purpose of its use.

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