Can you mix semi permanent hair dye with conditioner?

Hair dyes have become a necessity for the adults as well as the old aged owing to the changes in lifestyle and diet patterns.

People notice an early lightening of the natural color of their hair as compared to the prevailing times.

With the growing demand, hair dyes have also evolved over the time which now come in various forms and types adapted to being easily used while giving quick results.

Some can be used alongside a shampoo or a hair conditioner that can dye your hair in a few minutes.

Can you mix semi-permanent hair dye with a conditioner?

Yes, you can mix semi-permanent hair dye with a conditioner. It is done by initially adding just a portion of hair dye to the conditioner, blending them well firstly and then adding the entire amount of the hair dye. It offers protection to the hair from harmful chemicals of the hair dye while giving it a smooth appearance.


What happens when you mix semi-permanent dye with a conditioner?

It is already observed and felt by some that conditioner gives protection to the hair by acting as a protective sheath from the chemicals present in the hair dye.

It also makes the hair soft, smooth, and shiny by giving the hair a lighter shade than would be given by the original hair dye.

This is because the hair dye gets diluted due to the addition or presence of another fluid alongside that makes the hair appear lighter than if used alone.

It is thus recommended to be used alongside specific bright colors which could look too bright and attractive on the hair such as neon colors, electric blue, bright yellow, bright silver, orangish red, dazzling purple, etc.

Therefore, if you want to dye your hair with bright colors but want to keep it a bit lighter than the original shade of the hair color, you can go for mixing a semi-permanent dye with hair conditioner.

Hair conditioner dye reduces the harsh nature of the hair dye that makes its action less intense.

It is important to consider the type and ingredients of the hair dye and the hair color you are using together.

It also protects the hair from damage caused by UV rays as they can cause alteration of the chemicals present in the hair dye that can be very harmful for the hair.

Also, protection from chlorine present in swimming water is offered by the use of conditioner along with semi-permanent dye.

Here is the video about hair dye and conditioner

Steps of mixing a semi-permanent dye with hair conditioner

  1. Choose a transparent, colorless, or white conditioner instead of the ones that come in different colors as your hair dye already has the required color you wish to have on your hair.
  2. If you wish to dye your hair with pastel colors, mix the lighter shades of the hair dye with a colorless conditioner.
  3. Take one-third cup of the conditioner and add a spoonful of the desired hair dye. Remember to take the conditioner and dye in the ratio of 1:3. Mix both of them together. It offers protection to the hair by providing an extra layer that can act as a barrier between the natural hair and the chemical-based hair-dye.
  4. Stir the mixture well for some time until you notice that both the conditioner and the hair dye have blended well with each other.
  5. Once both the components are mixed well together and they do not look separate in any part of the cup, add the remaining hair color.
  6. Mix them again until they blend well.
  7. Apply it on your hair as you usually do.
  8. Rinse it after keeping it for some time as advised on the label of hair dye or the conditioner.
  9. You will get soft and shiny dyed hair.

Applying hair-dye mixed with the conditioner to your hair

  1. Keep the coloring kit ready with a pair of reusable gloves.
  2. Test the color before you actually apply it to see if it is allergic or not. It would also give you an idea of the actual color it would give to your hair.
  3. Prefer not to tie or twist your hair while you apply the semi permanent dye with the conditioner as it often leads to an even colouring of the hair. Keep the hair in a straight down position while you apply the dye along its length.
  4. In order to dye your hair evenly and avoid the appearance of any type of patches or streaks it is recommended to add some water to the hair before you apply the dye. Once you have applied the semi permanent dye mixed in conditioner to your hair, sprinkle a little water directly on your hair and massage it with circular motions around your head.
  5. Do not use clips or metal bowls in your hair while you apply the dye as they can oxidize the chemicals of the hair dye and can alter the resultant colour the dye has to give. A glass bowl or plastic bowl can be used to make the components.
  6. If the mixture spills on on the skin around the head or any other part of the body where it is important to instantly remove it to avoid any reactions on the skin. One can do so by mixing a tablespoon of original olive oil mixed to it a small amount of toothpaste that has whitening properties. Make a paste of the two and apply it on the skin with the help of a cotton wool with gentle motions that will instantly remove the dye stains from your skin.

Does mixing hair dye with conditioner make it lighter?

Yes,  this is because conditioner dilutes the hair dye making it much thinner and thus giving your hair an overall lighter shade.

Final words

It can be somewhat frustrating when you initially start using a semi permanent dye in a conditioner as some conditioners do not actually work well along with the hair dyes.

But once you keep a note of the ingredients of the hair dye as well as the hair conditioner you will not feel any confusion and would be satisfied with the results that both of them would give you.

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