How to prevent mascara running down the face?

Everyone uses mascara to add volume thickness and length to the eyelashes. It often creates a problem when the mascara smudges under the eyes or runs down the face. It is one of the reasons why people have stopped the use of mascara.

How to prevent mascara from running down the face?

Use a face powder around the eyes, choose a waterproof mascara, do not apply coats eventually, and avoid under-eye creams with an oil-based formula.

Why does the mascara smudge under the eyes and run down the face?

We all have heard that Foundation breaks on the skin after some time of its application.

We reason for the oil secretions on the face.

Similarly, oil glands are also present around the eyes that produce oil. In one way or the other the eyelashes also take up the oil that breaks down the mascara and it smudges under the eye.

This is the reason why Kajal, eyeliner, mascara, smudges more in summers when the oil and sebaceous glands are more active in producing oil on the skin.

The eyelashes come in contact with the skin and take up the oil that releases the mascara from the eyelashes.

This smudging further increases if you rub your eyes. Following the same reasons, mascara runs down the face when exposed to further oily secretions, moist environments, or wet climates.


How to prevent mascara from smudging under the eyes?

The reasons due to which the mascara under the eyes is clear and now we will look at some easy steps by which you can prevent the mascara from smudging-

1. Avoid under eye creams with an oil-based formula

Smudging occurs due to the contact of the eyelashes with the skin that has oily secretions.

Use in an oily cream or makeup base can further increase the chances of contact of the eyelashes with oil.

They are already prone to the natural oils of the skin so and oily cream applied in the same area can increase the rate and quickly cause smudging. It is therefore recommended to use an eye cream that is light on the skin and water-based.

It would not make the mascara wet or the eyelashes oily so it a perfect to prevent smudging.

2. Using a waterproof mascara

The waterproof mascara is water-resistant and does not smudge even when the eyelashes come in contact with oil secretions of the skin.

Even if it begins to rain or somehow the eyelashes get wet, it won’t allow smudging to occur.

So using waterproof mascara can be a great choice to prevent it from smudging under the eyes.

3. Use powder around the eyes

Face powder absorbs the oil secreted by the skin. It is advised to apply powder in the under-eye area, brow area, and eyelid area with the help of a brush or a powder puff after you apply mascara.

It keeps the skin dry and the eyelashes do not take up any oil for long hours. It thus reduces the chances of smudging mascara under the eyes.

4. Use clear mascara

It is advised to apply a coat of clear mascara over the normal mascara already applied after it is dried.

It acts as a sheath over the mascara to prevent it from smudging.

How to prevent mascara to run down the face?

No one likes it when the face makeup is black and due to the running of the mascara down the face.

The reasons for the same have already been looked upon as due to the oily secretions that come in contact with the mascara on the eyelashes.

Here are some simple tips and tricks as to how one can prevent the mascara to run down the face-

1. Choose the right product

It is advised to use waterproof mascara but it has its disadvantages such as difficulty in removal and weakening of the eyelashes.

Here, the concern of running down is being addressed so choose a product that is labeled as smudge-proof and budge-proof.

You need not necessarily have to buy expensive products, even light-cost products can fulfill the task of preventing the mascara from running down.

2. Try using a primer

A primer acts as a barrier between the natural skin and the makeup product.

It gives a consistent base for makeup that banishes the nature of the skin from coming in contact with the chemical-based product.

Following the same feature, it does not let the oily secretions of the skin come in contact with anything that is applied to the face.

When the oily secretions are controlled, the eyelashes do not come in contact with them and as a result, the mascara stays in its place and does not run down.

3. Ensure a periodic time lag between application of coats

Wait for the first coat of the mascara to fully dry before you move on to applying the next coat.

You may use a lash comb thereafter to separate the lashes before applying the next coat.

This is done to ensure that the mascara is fully dried in all its coats and does not cause bleeding that eventually leads to the running of the mascara.

Apply as few coats as possible to prevent running and smudging.

4. Avoid applying mascara on the lower eyelashes

It is the lower eyelashes that have a higher chance of coming in contact with the skin.

The lower lashes are the first ones to cause the running of the mascara due to their regular contact with oily secretions of the skin.

It causes extensive smudging under the eyes and the running of the mascara all over the face.

It is therefore advised to apply the mascara only to the upper eyelashes.

5. Always carry an emergency makeup kit

You must carry basic makeup tools such as cotton swabs, makeup remover, concealer, and mascara in your bag every time you wear makeup while going out.

This will prevent the whole look from getting damaged if by any chance the mascara smudges or runs down.


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Final words

Now that you know the tips and tricks to prevent the mascara from smudging or running down the face, you need not worry while applying one and be amazed at your look.

It is important to choose the right product and apply the mascara in the correct manner by using a helping product that prevents it from smudging or running.

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