How to tell if you are olive under tone skin and how to find its foundation color?

We find that the skin of our undertones is different from that of the parts exposed to sunlight. Everyone is aware of the basic skin tones but olive skin is comparatively less known among people. We often end up confusing olive skin tone with that of a golden tan.

The question that arises in the minds of most of the people is-

How to tell if you have olive undertone skin and how to find the foundation color?

One can find out whether he or she has an olive skin undertone by notice and a green or grey tint on the skin. Also, the foundations look too yellow or pink and the red lipsticks show the colors of pink or magenta. In general, golden and yellow neutral foundations without the shades of red-pink or other cool foundation undertones are the best options for people with an olive skin undertone. A foundation with a golden tone should be mostly used.


What is an Olive undertone?

It is a blend of neutral undertones that have a tinted green skin pigment so that it looks olive in colour. Light olive skins have undertones of cream to beige shades while dark olive skin have undertones in the shades of brown.

People having an olive undertone are more prone to tanning and hyperpigmentation. They suffer from easy and intensive skin discoloration due to most of them having oily skin.


How to find out if you have an olive undertone?

Olive undertone is really seen but some people also confuse it with other similar tones.

Below are some hints for you to find if you have an olive skin-

  • The presence of a green or grey tint on the skin is a sign of olive undertone.
  • No matter how much or how properly the foundation is applied it always looks too yellow, pink, or Orange on the olive skin undertone.
  • The veins appear distant in the shades of green or blue in people with an olive skin undertone.
  • Pastels do not suit over people with olive skin undertones but they do look good in Jewels and other muted tones.
  • The light shades of lipsticks such as white based or light pinkish do not complete the look of people with an olive skin tone.
  • Gold and silver jewellery suits the people with an olive tone.
  • The shades of Red lipsticks the tone of pink or magenta when applied.
  • The wrong colours of makeup make the people with olive skin tone look sickly or pasty.


How do I choose a foundation for my olive skin undertone?

Olive skin has a natural glow through it minimizes the use of concealer to give a base to the makeup.

Finding a foundation for an olive undertone is no doubt tricky because most of the foundations have a warm, cool or neutral undertone.

It is always better to compare shades that you feel are nearest to your olive skin tone.

Choose a foundation of a tone higher than your skin tone as well as a foundation of a tone lower than your skin tone.

More generally yellow and golden neutral foundations without any tones of red-pink or cool colors should be chosen by people with an olive skin undertone.

Do not choose a Foundation that is labeled as ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ as the olive skin tone remains between the two but is neither of the two. ‘Cool’ generally means shades of thinkers and ‘warm’ generally means shades of orange.

Go for a Foundation that has an undertone description as yellow, olive, or golden.

As all undertones have a tint of green, using plain and neutral undertones can wash them off because of which the skin may look ashy.

This occurs more in the areas around the under-eye and the mouth where the skin is comparatively darker. Therefore the foundation’s with a golden tone is the best for people with an olive skin undertone.

People with an olive skin undertone are beautiful in their own way as this skin tone is the rarest. They must use the right makeup products and colors that suit their tone and enhance the appearance of their face and body.

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