Can you use eyeshadow as contour?

Eyeshadow is a game-changer of your makeup. This single product can be used in several different ways. Investing in a good eyeshadow palette is a great decision as you make the most use out of it. it is so amazing to know that one makeup product and so many uses.

The makeup world runs on experiments and with that let us discuss –

Can you use eyeshadow as contour?

Eyeshadow works very well as contour. For a good effect use a matte finish eyeshadow and avoid any crème or powder eyeshadow. The majority of experts and makeup artists have used eyeshadow as contour and it has worked well for them.

Eyeshadow is a versatile product that can be used for wide purposes. Read more to know.

Eyeshadow as a contour

If you do not have a contour palette then try using the nude eyeshadow palette for contouring. It is a great method to attain the exact results without a proper contouring product.

You just need to make sure about the kind of palate you are using. It should be a matte formula only.

A crème based or a powder eyeshadow will not work that properly and may make you look weird.

A shade that is two shades darker than your actual skin color will be perfect for contouring.

Once you get used to it then there is no going back. It will also reduce the weight of your vanity.

Here is video about Contour

What else can you use eyeshadow as a substitue in makeup?

There are several other uses of an eyeshadow that will change your life. Here is a detailed explanation and a long list of eyeshadows and it’s used.


Using eyeshadow as eyeliner is one of the most common hacks which you might have even used someday while doing a Smokey eye look. Just use a fine tip brush and remain on the lash line for a more natural look. You will also have a variety of colors and shades which is not possible with your regular liner.

Brow enhancer

An eyeshadow looks more natural than an eyebrow gel or probe. Use an angled brush to enhance the brow. Choose the right shade of eyeshadow. Again, you have to use a matte eyeshadow palette. A matte eyeshadow palette gives the best look.


Bronzer is not what everybody invests in. If you want to use a bronzer, use eyeshadow instead. For this one, you can use any kind of eyeshadow, crème, matte, or shiny. You just have to find the right shade, and you are done!


Shiny eyeshadow can be used as a highlighter. Highlighter and eyeshadow have the same formula. It is easily blendable and looks similar to a highlighter.

Eyeshadow to conceal and correct

Eyeshadow can be used to conceal and correct too. I know the eyeshadow palette has all the basic shades that are required to conceal and correct. You can save your money by investing in one useful palate. Only the matte finish eyeshadow will work here.

Eyeshadow as blush

Even without saying we have used eyeshadow as a blush so many times. And it is because eyeshadow is the best alternative for blush. If you do not want to invest in blush then you can easily use eyeshadow. Crème and matte both will work fine here.

Eyeshadow as lipstick

Using your eyeshadow as lipstick will be the greatest hack you will learn. If you are tired of finding the best lipstick shade for you and still fail every time then this hack is for you. Grab your favorite eyeshadow palette. Use a powder eyeshadow as lipstick, first moisturize your lips with a balm and properly hydrated lips. Then apply your favorite shade from your palette onto your lips with a brush or just use your fingers. You can even create your own shade by mixing different shades.


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