Best Mac 242 brush dupes

As we all know, MAC brushes are widely regarded as the best brushes available. However, not everyone can pay the exorbitant costs. 

Ok! We understand that they are excellent, but brushes are brushes, and a basic item like that should not be prohibitively expensive. 

So I’ve been hunting for the best MAC 242 brush dupe at a reasonable price for a long time. 

However, not all of the brushes in a brush set are worth purchasing, and there are brushes in the set that you do not require.

Many individuals have praised the Sigma brushes for their resemblance to MAC brushes. Without a question, they’re fantastic brushes, and some of them are amazing dupes for MAC brushes at a fraction of the price.

What is the best dupe for MAC 242 brush?

So, here is the brush that I believe is the most inexpensive dupe for MAC 242 brushes for half the price or less. It is the PAC Eyeshadow Brush – 310.

This brush has soft bristles and is ultra-light and compact, allowing it to pick up the perfect amount of powder pigment and blend it in softly.

PAC Cosmetics is a professional make-up brand in India that produces high-end make-up products, brushes, and accessories. 

It is recognized for its highly pigmented and long-lasting cosmetics that provide outstanding results. PAC Cosmetics offers the finest in cosmetics, from long-lasting foundations and velvety matte lipsticks to powerful highlighters and beautiful eye shadows. 

After each purchase, you will surely return for more thanks to the brand’s high-quality and exquisite items.


The PAC Eyeshadow Brush – 310 has the following features:

  • Brushes with ultra-fine, tightly packed bristles for quick maximum coverage.
  • These high-quality makeup brushes easily take up the product and mix it in.
  • The delicate bristles are gentle on the skin and provide maximum coverage while wasting the least amount of product.
  • Individual PAC cosmetic brushes come in a zip pouch, making them suitable for travel.
  • The makeup brush series may be used with a variety of products, including powders, creams, and liquids, as well as mineral makeup, highlighter, and shimmer-based products.

What Makes It Unique?

It’s perfect for adding subtle definition to the corners of the eye when paired with darker hues.

This tiny eyeshadow brush is very light and excellent for spreading and mixing small quantities of powder pigment for accurate application.

How to use this brush?

Use this brush to apply eyeshadow in a precise and even manner. The Detail Shader is a great tool for working in the inner corner of your eye and creating particular highlights in your eye makeup.

Other Mac 242 brush dupes

Apart from PAC Eyeshadow Brush – 310, here are some of the best MAC 242 brush dupes.

1) Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush

The E55 brush is ideal for applying sparkles or shimmer; it’s a good idea to dampen the brush slightly before using it to keep the product on the brush while applying it.

Apply matte and shimmer powder shadows on the lids using the E55 brush. This brush’s fibers and shape are ideal for applying these shadows on the lid.

The brush head of the E55 is bigger. The E55 blends cream products well and may be used with any recipe.

2) Sigma E60 Large Shader Brush

The E60 Large Shader Brush has a strong, large, flat brush tip that will help you evenly apply the product to your whole lid. 

Apply eye shadow foundation or cream eye makeup with the brush for rapid and uniform application.

3) MAC 252

The M.A.C. 252S Brush is a big paddle-shaped brush with soft, strong fibers that are perfect for packing color on the eyes or establishing maximum coverage with liquid and cream products.

This brush may be used to apply eye makeup or concealer in a tapping, gliding, or pushing manner. As a consequence, the application is smooth and uniform, with a rich color payoff. 

Professional brushes from M.A.C. are hand-sculpted and constructed from the highest quality materials. 

Their vegan brushes are made entirely of synthetic fibers and use the most up-to-date fiber technology for enhanced performance and lifespan.

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