Can you use eye drops with eyelash extensions?

Taking care of your eyes when you feel dry is a necessity but if you have eyelash extensions on then the situation becomes a little dicey. You must be already taking a lot of precautions after the procedure so that you do not end up ruining your extensions.

Can you use eye drops with eyelash extensions?

 Yes! you can use eye drops with eyelash extensions but only after 48 hours of freshly done extensions. Using eye drop right after your salon session can cause damage both to your extensions as well as your eyes. Even after the waiting period you have to be careful enough to use the eye drop.

Eye drops are not used before the process or in between and even right after the procedure you need to wait at least for a day or two. If you feel dryness in your eye then it may be because of several reasons but extensions are not one of them.

If you have a case of dry eyes then getting an extension will be a job for you as you will have to make sure that you do not make them wet while hydrating your eyes as moisture is the real enemy for your extensions.

Can you use eye drops with eyelash extensions?

You should be careful while applying eye drops with eyelash extensions on. It is strictly not advisable to use the eyedrops before 48 hours of your eyelash extension session. Eyelash extensions are applied to your natural eyelids with the use of a glue which takes a minimum a day or two to dry out completely.

During that time, you are not allowed to put your eyelash extension in a situation where it can get in contact with moisture. Moisture and water are one of the enemies of eyelash extensions which you will have to take care of the whole time until you have extensions on your eyelids.

If you accidentally or deliberately use an eye drop in your eyes within the 48 hours of waiting period then you will have to face several pains and one of them would be ruining your extensions right before you get it.

The glue takes time to dry out perfectly so using a eyedrop will either bond the glue with your natural eyelash causing damage to your natural possession or will lose it’s effects to fix the extensions.

Even if you have crossed the waiting period apply the eye drops from the corner of your eye preventing any contact with the eyelash extensions.

Why should you avoid using eye drops with eyelash extensions?

The reason why experts ask to avoid using eye drops with eyelash extensions is because of what eye drops are made of. Most of the eyedrops or contact solutions contain saline. Saline is a salt and water solution inside the eye drops which helps to lubricate the eyes and kill the bacteria. The salt in this solution is something which is very harmful for the eyelash glue.

Cyanoacrylate is found in the eyelash glue which does not mix with the salt present inside the saline solution and which is why it’s not recommended to use eye drops with eyelash extensions. The salt present in the solution can dry out the eyelash hair forcing it to fall off.

However, saying it again that you can use the eyedrop with eyelash extension but with utmost patience and safety.

Alternatives for eyelash extensions available in the market

If you do not want to take any kind of risk with your natural eyelashes, you can one day go for an alternative. Here is a small list for that.

  1. Mascara

The makeup industry is huge! There are popular brands that claim to be cruelty-free. Choose a mascara from that brand and voila! You can get fuller lashes within seconds. As mascara is a temporary thing you can change your look more often than 

Tip- applying the mascara after curling your lashes makes them fuller and voluminous. 

  1. Fake lashes 

Going for a fake lash that is made up of fibre is a great alternative for extensions. They are cheap, more flexible, and not permanent. As it’s not permanent you can go according to your mood. 

Fake lashes are heavy and that is one of its drawbacks. Well, using it with care is not a bad idea. 

  1. Grow them naturally. 

If you have naturally dry eyes and you can not avoid using eye drops then it Is better to grow your eyelashes naturally. The risk here is extremely low. There Are several ways to grow the eyelash naturally but it is a very slow process if compared to getting eyelash extensions.

You can use essential oils like castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil to grow and nourish your eyelashes. Increasing the protein intake in your diet will also help you increase your eyelashes.

You can use vitamin e supplements for organic growth as well. Using petroleum jelly is also one of the ways to grow your extensions naturally.

How to take care of extensions?

Keep your eyelashes clean

The first thing to take care of your extension is to keep your lash clean. Use a lash cleanser to clean your eyelashes daily. A plenty of lash cleansers are available in the market which you can buy. The cleanser should be of good quality. You can also seek professional advice before buying a product.

Always go for a product that is oil free and paraben free for a healthy lash.

Avoid lash friction

Keep your hands away from your lash. Rubbing, itching, pulling etc can cause your lashes to fall out.

When cleaning make sure you do it gently to avoid friction.

Get your lash extensions refilled from time to time.

Everything mentioned above is important but this one is very important. To maintain your fuller and healthy lashes you should fix your appointment after every 2 weeks.

Longer gaps between the sessions will create gaps in your lashes as the natural lashes fall. You should get it done before this happens as it can make your eyes look ugly.

Brush your lashes

Lashes can stick with each other after a bath or cleaning brush it to separate each hair strand but be careful while doing it.

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