How to heal cuticles overnight?

Cuticles are the delicate skin found at the bottom edge of your nails which helps to prevent bacteria while the nail grows from the roots.

It is suggested to take good care of them as they can become dry and cause irritation. The whole area around the cuticle is very delicate which needs attention for good nail hygiene.

Many times, accidents do happen and at that time you must apply petroleum jelly or soak your nails in warm water for 10 minutes, and it will heal your nail cuticles overnight.

There are several other ways too for fast healing of cuticles. Read the article to know more.

Ways to heal nail cuticles

Several proven ways are there to heal your cuticles overnight. Cuticles are very sensitive and need to be treated gently.

Use petroleum jelly

It is very common for your cuticles to become dry and cause irritation. To get rid of it you can apply petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly helps to heal dry cuticles quickly. It moisturizes the area around cuticles and helps it heal faster.

Soaking in warm water

You can also try soaking your nails in warm water for 10 minutes. Warm water helps moisten the skin and heals it gently. The dry area gets hydrated as soon as the nails come in contact with warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is effective in curing cuts and preventing bacterial infections. Rub peroxide with the help of a q tip on the affected area and next apply an antibiotic. This will cure your cuticle overnight.

How to take care of nail cuticles?

Taking good care of your nails is crucial as your nail growth depends totally on them. You need to take care of them for healthy nail growth. These tips should be followed on a regular basis for great results.

Do not cut cuticles

You should not cut your cuticles. Cutting cuticles leads to bacterial infection. Avoid cutting cuticles as much as you can, as it is not very necessary to cut them.

Moisturize your cuticles

Moisturize your cuticles daily. Cuticles may seem soft but they require moisture as they can easily go dry. To prevent further problems you should apply moisturizer daily at night.
avoid manicures that are hard on your cuticles. When you go for a manicure tell them beforehand that you want to be gentle on your cuticles.

Avoid these products

Stay away from products that can make your cuticles dry. Dishwasher, detergents, or nail paint remover can make them too dry. It’s better to wear gloves when in contact with these products. Use a soft remover to remove your nail paint.

Avoid putting your finger in your mouth

Do not put your finger in your mouth. Putting your finger on your mouth means bringing your nails in contact with saliva. Saliva makes the skin dry as a result the skin breaks out.

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When to see a doctor?

Cuticles can easily be cured at home but when your cuticles do not heal instead of following the above method you must take the advice of a professional.

Cuticles can heal as soon as overnight but if the problem increases and is not cured within a week it is preferred to see a doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible.

One must not ignore it as the problem can spread to other parts of the body.

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