How long does polygel nails last?

Polygel nails are trending all over the internet and there’s no doubt you must be curious about it. Polygel nails are nothing but a combination of acrylic and gel nails.

Polygel nails are as durable as acrylic nails and the application is quite similar to gel nails. Polygel nails last for three to four weeks after the application.

Polygel nails are quite a good choice if you’re looking for something classy, simple, and elegant. If you want to experiment you must go for it.

The durability of Polygel nails

Polygel nails are durable for up to three to four weeks depending upon your lifestyle and the length of your nails.
Your nail may not last long like months or weeks if you engage yourself in activities that are hard on your hand and nails.
You can increase the durability by taking good care of them and avoiding work that can affect your nails.

How to make your poly gels last longer?

The only way you can make your nails durable is by taking good care of them.

You can wear gloves while doing work that involves hand like chopping or cleaning.
Professionals also suggest moisturizing the cuticles with special oil to Make them last.

You must keep your nails away from wetness as it can do a lot of damage to your nails.

How is poly gel different from acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are hard from scratch whereas Polygel has a gel-like structure that is hardened by LED lamps or UV rays.
Polygel nails can be fixed or leveled after some time, unlike acrylic nails.

Polygels don’t feel heavy on hands and can be directly applied to nails.

However, acrylic nails are applied to the bead of glue and as they are extensions, they might feel heavy.

How are polygels applied?

You can achieve poly nails at a salon as well as at home.
It is necessary to prepare your hands before the application. Wash your hand or sanitize it and then apply any moisturizer.
After preparing your hands the cuticles are pushed back with the tool and dead tissues are removed. The nails are then filed till they leave a rough texture. These steps are some for the smooth finish of the Polygel nails.

Polygel usually comes in the packaging of a tube. The Polygel is squeezed out on a Polygel tool and simply placed on your prepared nail.

The tool is pressed lightly until it covers the desired length and the extra is removed using a brush.

After getting the desired shape and length the nail is hardened using UV light. The nail tool is removed and Is filed further for perfection. And that’s it you get your nails done.

Here is a video showing all the steps.

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