Is Huda beauty cruelty free?

Who is not aware of Huda beauty the OG of cosmetics? the brands are loved widely. Huda Beauty is the world’s fastest-growing beauty brand and it was a hight time if we didn’t talk about it.

For all our animal lover’s let’s find out that whether this cosmetic giant Huda beauty a cruelty-free brand or not? 

Huda Beauty is a cruelty free brand! which no doubt makes this brand better.

You can buy Huda beauty products without any second thoughts. Many organizations and foundations have confirmed that Huda Beauty is a cruelty free brand. Huda beauty itself confirms that it is a cruelty free brand makes it more obvious.

Now you know that this particular brand is cruelty free However, it is always better to learn to identify brands that are cruelty free. This article contains all the relevant information regarding cruelty free products.

How to identify products that are cruelty free?

Cruelty makeup products are the products that are manufactured cruelty free. There are various brands that promote veganism and they openly claim it like Jeffree star cosmetics, plum, disguise.

Other brands which do not advertise as being cruelty free brands may be fit for vegans or animal supporters.

To identify cruelty free products the very first step is to look into the company’s policy. If the company claims that they are a cruelty free brand then it is pretty clear that they are one.

Second is to look at whether the products are being tested on animals or not. You also have to look at ingredients a makeup is made up from to be fully sure about that.

There are a handful of makeup brands that are vegan so it is not much of an issue. Veganism and Animal rights are increasing at a rapid speed and so is the vegan market which pulls you out of concern.

What is cruelty free makeup?

If you are new to this word or are a new person who wants to stand for the ones who are helpless like the animals then this will help you.

Cruelty free means that the product that you’re buying was built or manufactured without any tests on animals. There is no lie the product can be vegan and still can be tested on animals so don’t get confused about this. Not every Vegan product is cruelty free and Vice Versa

Similarly, there are products that involve animal products in the manufacturing but they still can be cruelty-free if they do not test on animals.

There are many products such as milk, wool, etc. which are animal by-products but using them in a makeup product will remove them from the list of being vegan even though they are not tested on Animals.

If you follow a vegan lifestyle then you should keep such things in mind that cruelty-free and vegan are two different terms, being clear is important while choosing a brand.

Other brands that are cruelty free

  1. 100% pure

This brand provides all the products from hair and body, wellness, skincare and makeup. Everything that’s in this brand is cruelty free. 100% pure is quite affordable for makeup and skincare. You will find natural and organic products at very less prices. The mission of this brand is to provide products that are made with 100% pure ingredients. The brand believes in kindness and empathy and that is why they are a cruelty free brand.

The reviews of their products are quite welcoming. Here is a list of their bestsellers: –

  •       Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
  •       Vitamin C Serum
  •           Strawberry Lemonade Jelly Scrub
  •       Acai Pulp Facial Scrub
  •       Rose Hyaluronic Acid Serum


  1. Abba

Abba has confirmed that it is cruelty free as their brand policy. None of their products are tested over animals by them or the third party. They are strictly against it. Their site doesn’t even sell any product that is tested over animals.

Abba deals in hair care and you can buy their products both from their official site as well as Amazon. Here is a lost of some of their products

  •       Moisture shampoo
  •       Moisture conditioner
  •       Color Protection Shampoo
  •       Color Protection Conditioner
  1. Adwoa

  Adwoa has also claimed that it is a cruelty free brand as it doesn’t test any product on animals or sells any product that has been tested on animals. Adwoa is a nontoxic, gender-neutral beauty brand that believes in multi textured cultural hairs and makes products for them.

They have a wide range of hair products for everyone irrespective of gender and the plus point is that everything is cruelty free. Each and every ingredient used in it is extracted from mother nature. Here is the list of their bestsellers. Have a look

  •       bao mint moisturizing shampoo
  •       bao mint leave in conditioning style
  •       baomint protect + shine oil blend
  •       baomint deluxe trial kit – phase 1 collection


  1. Be Kind Beauty

As the name suggests the brand believes in kindness and love for all. None of their products are even touched on animals and this brand openly promotes cruelty free products. They also officially claim that they sell cruelty free, sustainable and ethical makeup skincare, bath and body products. Apart from selling cruelty free products they also sell products that are plastic free, palm oil free or any kind of product that suits you.

  1. Andalou Naturals

The product range for this brand is available on Target, Ultra, Amazon, as well as on their official website. Heirloom Apples, Grape, hemp, Alpine rose, Argan Tree are some of their key ingredients that they use in their products.

They also have a special age refining range which is cruelty free and affordable at the same time. Here is a list of their Bestsellers: –

  •       Age defying resveratrol q10 night repair cream
  •       Sensitive 1000 roses cleansing foam
  •       Age defying apricot probiotic cleansing milk
  •       Age defying deep wrinkle dermal filler
  •       Deep hydration life boosting serum
  1. Amika

This cruelty free range is available on Sephora and also on their official website. This brand also deals specifically in hair care products. The range is quite large to choose from.

The brand not only promotes cruelty free culture but also recycles its plastic which makes it super cool! This brand openly claims that they do not use any harmful chemicals like sulphates or parabens, they are cruelty free, they recycle.

  1. Aveda

Aveda is one of the child companies of a very popular makeup brand ESTE-LAUDER, their product range is huge. From hair to makeup to men to skincare they have everything you name it.

The brand is a 100% vegan which accommodates that it is cruelty free. Vegan products themselves have a lot of benefits. They use plant-based products just like KLORANE but with a remarkable difference that they are cruelty free.

If you are a nature lover and a makeup and styling lover as well Aveda you will be more than happy to buy anything from them. Here is a list of their bestsellers: –

  •       rosemary mint purifying shampoo
  •           volumizing tonic™
  •       cherry almond softening conditioner

•        botanical kinetics™ purifying gel cleanser

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