Macadamia Oil vs Argan Oil For Hair

Oiling your hair has been traditionally proven the best therapy for your hair. This culture is quite popular in South Asia and Asia. If you are new to oiling your hair then I must tell you this is one of the best decisions you made for your hair.

Now there are a lot of oils that you can apply or massage into your head but at times it can be confusing for us to differentiate between them. 


The two of them we are going to take today are Macadamia oil and Argan oil, both Macadamia oil and Argan oil are derived from plants and nuts. However, argan oil is used for damage control and Macadamia is best for nourishing and conditioning the hair.

Both of these cold pressed oils are very different from each other. The one difference mentioned above isn’t enough when it comes to their usage, they have a lot more differences which you will find out in this article.


What is cold-pressed oil?


There are the oils that are extracted through pressing fruits or seeds in the modern way or the old traditional way. These oils are very healthy and are environmentally friendly. As the name suggests these oils don’t require any heat or chemicals. These oils can be used for cooking as well as for skin care. These multipurpose oils are healthy.


Cold-pressed oil includes:

  • Argan Oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Canola oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Walnut oil
  • Groundnut oil


What is Macadamia oil?


Macadamia oil is a cold-pressed oil generated from the Macadamia nut found in Australia. This nut is extremely beneficial for skin, 6 hair, and nuts. The oil from this nut can be both consumed and applied for benefits. Macadamia nut’s oil is mostly used for hair as it has some magical nourishing and conditioning properties.

The reason why the oil is so good for nourishing is that it enriches fatty acids and potassium. Fatty acids help the scalp to get the nourishment they need and potassium helps in preventing hair loss.

All of these nutrients work so well only because this oil penetrates thoroughly into your scalp.


What is Argan oil?

Argan oil is nothing new for the ones who are very fond of hair products. You will find this oil in most hair care products. It is because argan oil has damage control properties. And for this reason, this oil is also regarded as “liquid gold” for hair.

Argan oil is extracted from the argan tree that is widely grown in Morocco and that is the reason for its popularity in Africa and Asia. Argan oil has a lot of benefits when used as hair oil. Some of the benefits are increasing hair growth, improving scalp health, or improving damaged hair.

It acts as a savior for people who have damaged hair.   


Macadamia Oil V/s Argan Oil  

Before starting let me clear that both the oils have great qualities and both are best in their fields there is no choice of one over the other. However, let us discuss the main differences between them.




Being different is natural as both of these oils originate from two very different continents.

Argan oil is extracted from argan trees which are found in Morocco. Morocco is a country in North Africa and that is the reason for its popularity in the region of Africa and South Asia.

On the other hand, Macadamia is extracted from Macadamia nuts which are found in Australia on the next side of the globe.




Macadamia is a cold-pressed oil with infused fatty acids and potassium which is specially used for moisturization of hair and hydrating the scalp. It is best suited for curly hairs and is a very good option for dry scalp people.

One of the qualities that makes it an effective oil is that it penetrates deep into your scalp and functions well to moisturize and nourish your scalp.

Talking about argan oil, it is an all-rounder in this field. argan oil Is a multipurpose hair oil that is used for hair growth, hair repair, and hair protection. Argan oil has a good amount of Vitamin E that helps in the prevention of hair fall.

Argan oil can be used for moisturization and nourishment too however, Macadamia oil aces the nourishment part.




The prices for Both Argan oil and Macadamia oils are pretty close. Argan oils cost a little more than Macadamia oil. However, the prices for both the oils may differ according to the brand.


How to use these Macadamia oil and Argan oil on our hair?


No matter what oils you use it will be ineffective if you do not appropriately use them so let us discuss how to use hair oil appropriately.


Argan oil works great as a serum so you can use argan oil after you have styled your hair to give your hair that shiny touch to your overall hairstyle.


Argan oil reduces dizziness so after washing your hair you can also use these oils as serum.

Both Macadamia oil and Argan oil can be used on the scalp for nourishment and moisturization of your scalp. Well in this case Macadamia oil will be a better option.


You can get a good hair massage with Argan oil and then wash it up the next day which will be great therapy for your hair.


A couple of drops of these oils can be used while straightening and drying your hair too as a heat protectant.

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