Why is ELF cosmetics so cheap?

The makeup industry is in so much profit as most of the makeup products have reached high prices. Because of that we have made a thought that good makeup products can not be cheap. If you think the same then Let me Burst a bubble for you, Makeup does not always need to be expensive.

Whenever a brand sells cheap makeup product the quality of the brands is questioned. Let us talk about – 

Why ELF cosmetics are so cheap?

The main reason why ELF cosmetics is so cheap is because the product cost of its products is very low. They make sure to keep the products in an affordable range by reducing the cost of production and not the quality.   

Many times, we buy cheap products whose quality is not that great but this is not the case with E.L.F cosmetics. We will talk about everything you need to know about it keep reading.

What makes ELF products cheap?

E.L.F is that brand that has made its name on the list of top makeup brands by selling affordable and good quality makeup products. Elf products range from $2 to $50 which is quite inexpensive.

Being curious to know why your makeup is cheap and of good quality at the same time is a very needful curiosity. We will deeply dig into the matter and let you know the exact reason behind this.

1. Low production cost

One of the reasons why e.l.f. cosmetics have such cheap prices for its products because the production cost of each of their products are very low. Most of the time, when you come across expensive products and wonder why they are expensive and almost two of three times the reason is the high production cost.

In case of E.l.f they keep the production cost less and hence, that price is diminished from the products.

2. Good relation with suppliers and manufactures

e.l.f has said that they keep a good relation with the suppliers and the Manufactures at the same time. because of this close relationship they also help them maintain cheap prices negotiating the prices.

3. Traditional advertising tactics

Advertisements cost more than you can imagine. Any brand invests a lot of Finances in advertising. Which at the end of the day is added to the cost of the product.

What Elf does is that it follows the traditional advertising tactics that is commonly known as “Word of Mouth Marketing,” this tactic is really useful and costs you nothing compared to the modern advertisement. And hence, it makes ELF products cheaper than others.

Here is the video which you to understand ELF products.


Best E. L.F products to buy


Sheer slick lipstick is one of the bestsellers of elf. It is available in 8 different shades and goes with every skin shade perfectly. It is a nourishing lipstick with a little hint of the color and gorgeous sheen.

It has a silky formula which hydrates the lips. It will cost you $5 which is amazing.


This is the one most popular primer in America to begin with. Pore less putty primer is the ultimate skin perfecting face primer. It Grips makeup for all-day wear & a flawless finish

The putty primer is Infused with Squalene for optimal hydration. It has Smooth, velvety texture that glides over skin seamlessly

And the best part is it is Perfect for all skin types. It will cost you just $9.


It is a Ultra-pigmented eyeshadow quads that deliver creamy, bendable color in perfect mini compacts. These on-the-go eyeshadow quads feature a combo of matte and shimmer shades to take your eyes from day to night and every mood. The luxe formula delivers rich, highly blended color that stays put and makes a statement—whether that’s minimalist or dramatic.

It will cost you just $3. I can’t keep calm


A long-wear liquid concealer that provides crease-proof full coverage while hydrating your skin.

This full-coverage liquid concealer covers up imperfections and under-eye circles while delivering a boost of hydration to your skin. The lightweight, workable formula corrects and perfects without creasing or flaking for a smooth, satin finish that lasts all day (no touch-ups needed). Find your match with a wide selection of 25 shades.

This is just for $6 which in my opinion is a great deal.


Big mood Mascara by elf is A volumizing and lifting mascara with a uniquely shaped brush head to give you big, bold lashes that command attention.

This volumizing and lifting mascara gives you the false lash effect of your dreams without smudging or flaking. For a bold look with definition, the brush head boasts an hourglass shape with intertwined bristles to load up your look with pigment while separating each lash. The creamy formula is infused with jojoba wax to hold your lashes’ curl and give you a smooth, effortless application every time. Available in full size and travel size.

This will cost you $7. And believe me it is fab!

Are cheap products not good to use?

In today’s time there is a belief that your quality products can only be expensive. And that is false. The high-end beauty products do sell quality products at high price and that is one of the reasons for this belief.

There are various reasons for them being this costly, not every expensive product is good and similarly not every cheap product is of bad quality.

Brands like ELF minimise other product charges to deliver affordable makeup products,  they do not hamper the quality of the product. In fact, they have some great and good quality products.

However, we agree that maybe in the past you might have bought a cheap product which must have not stayed to mark. We are sorry for that experience but there are many other brands that deliver good products at affordable prices for example elf.

These brands make sure everyone can buy their product and they have a decided target audience because they reduce their price. Even expensive brands like MAC and Huda beauty have a target audience and they decide their prices according to that.

So the answer to this question is yes! your cheap products are safe to use it just depends on which brand you are using.

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