Substitutes for concealer. What else can you use?

Concealer by its name itself suggests, is a cosmetic product used to conceal or hide dark circles, acne marks, aging, and pigmentation on your skin.

Concealer, a very crucial part of makeup, is similar to a foundation but thicker than it. It is generally applied after the foundation so that it doesn’t smudge and give a better result.

But in case you suddenly run out of your concealer or you are new to makeup and don’t want to buy a concealer right now, and wondering what else you can use then you must know these substitutes of a concealer.

Here are a few substitutes for concealer –

foundation, powder, or CC cream.

There are also some quick DIY techniques and natural remedies to conceal or cure marks on your skin.

The concealer has its importance in your makeup. Acne, marks, blemishes, and dark circles are very normal for any skin type. But for an event or party or meeting, if these marks affect your confidence then hiding it seems a better option. A concealer comes as a lifesaver in such a situation.

But what will you do if just before going to a party or meeting you run out of your concealer? Or if you are new to makeup and don’t want to buy a concealer so early? Then there are a few substitutes we have listed here that work exactly like a concealer. These can be efficiently used to have mark-free, glowing, and clear skin.

Now let’s know what these substitutes are and how you can use them for concealing marks and blemishes.

Substitutes for concealer


Foundation is one of the best substitutes for a concealer, normally used for giving an even tone to your skin. Concealer is also somewhat like a foundation, but its thickness is more than that of a foundation.

  • To conceal the marks and dark spots of your skin, take a little amount of any liquid or cream-based foundation.
  • Put the foundation on the spot you want to hide or conceal and make a layer of it on the spot smoothly with your fingers.
  • Now leave the foundation to dry for some time, before going for further makeup.
  • Once your foundation dries, apply another layer of foundation on the whole area to give an even tone to your skin.

CC Cream

A CC cream or complexion correction cream is now not so new in the world of makeup. Rather, it is the best option for beginners to have a makeup-like glow.

A CC Cream is an alternative to both foundation and concealer. It is like adding a beauty filter to your picture.

CC cream hides dark spots, marks and gives an even tone. It is much lighter than a concealer and little or no expertise is needed for using it.

CC cream is more skin-friendly than a concealer. Some creams even come with UV protection and smudge-proof properties. For a short time and less concealing, CC cream is the best substitute for a concealer.

Face Powder

Applying face powder is generally the last step of makeup. It fixes the makeup and protects it from any smudge. But in an emergency, when you run out of concealer, a powder can act as a substitute.

The powder can not completely hide your marks, spots, and thin lines, but it could blur its effect on your skin.

You can apply face powder under your eyes to reduce the hardness of dark circles. It could be also used for hiding light marks and thin lines of the face.

A face powder is not an all-time substitute for a concealer and couldn’t be used for long runs. But you can effectively use it for instant results and glam at the party.

Homemade substitutes for concealer

When you are out of your cosmetics to substitute concealer, you can also make use of some quick DIY tricks created by simple ingredients available at your home.

Use Petroleum jelly and pressed powder

Pressed powder is generally used to set concealer or foundation. You can mix this powder with vaseline or any other petroleum jelly to make your homemade concealer.

You can apply this paste on the spots you want to hide. This homemade remedy is not as effective as the cosmetic concealer, but it is a boon in an emergency. After applying the paste, you can continue your further makeup in the same manner.

Moisturizer and Powder

You can also make a mix of your moisturizer and powder to make a quick concealer.

Just take moisturizer and face powder matching your skin tone in the same amount. Then mix the ingredients to make a thick paste just like a concealer.

Apply this concealer in the same way you apply the commercial concealers you bought from the market. After applying the concealer you can also apply foundation, blushes, and face powder to complete your makeup.

Use ice to treat acne

Sometimes you want to apply a concealer just to hide the reddish acne or thin rashes over your skin.

In this situation, rather than using a concealer or any other cosmetic, you can use ice cubes to heal the acne or rashes.

To treat the redness of your skin, take a few ice cubes in a cotton cloth and move them around the affected area smoothly. It will give relief to your marks and you can rock in the evening.

Final words

There are these cosmetics and DIY tricks you can use as a substitute for a concealer. According to your need, for little concealing or heavy concealing and according to the time duration you want the concealing to stay, you can choose from these options.

A foundation and CC cream could be used for the long run and are the most effective concealing substitutes chronologically. The other substitutes like the powder, packs of Vaseline and powder, and moisturizer and powder are less effective than the earlier ones.

You should also choose the best substitute from the above keeping in mind your skin type. What product will suit your skin and will give effective results, should be rightly checked to save yourself from any blunder.

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