What makeup goes with red dress?

Wearing a red dress can make you look energetic, bold, sexy, passionate, elegant, etc. all depending upon the makeup and accessories that you decide to wear with it.

What lipstick goes with red dress?

1. Neutral

When we talk about neutral colors, we are referring to the colors that are not too bold. Nude colors like light shades of peach can fall under this category.

If this is your first time wearing make-up with your red dress then you should try a neutral shade.

These shades would put more emphasis on other parts of your face and hence you can go a bit heavy with your eye makeup and accessories.

2. Darker

It is a bold move to try out a darker shade of lipstick. Colors like

  • black,
  • brown,
  • A dark shade of purple, etc.

fall under this category.

Trying out a darker shade of lipstick takes some courage. These shades make you look bold and sexy.

As they grab a lot of attention, you should go light on your eye make-up and avoid accessories.

Make sure to

  • Moisturize your lips
  • Use lip liner
  • Choose the right shade
  • Balance out the rest of your makeup

3. Red

Of course, you can go for red lipstick with a red dress. Just make sure to choose a shade that is with the same family and warmth of the red of your dress. Usually, a shade darker than your dress would work.

Again, go light on your eye makeup, otherwise, you’ll end up looking too gaudy.

4. Stains

If you do not feel confident with any of the above-mentioned shades, you can go for stains as they are subtler and look more natural.

Lipstick colors to avoid with a red dress

It is always best to avoid pink lipstick, especially hot pink.

You can go for a light or peach pink though.

Makeup that goes with red dress

It all depends on the vibe and occasion that you are going for.

If you want to emphasize your dress, then go for a light makeup look: nude lipstick, a bit of blush, light eye make-up.

You can wear this for a casual meet and lunch but avoid this look on parties and date nights.

If you want to look bold and sexy then you can go for a darker shade of lipstick with very light makeup and no accessories if possible.

This look would be best for parties and date nights but maybe not for official or formal functions.

The best one according to me, is a nude shade of lipstick with smokey eye make-up and beautiful accessories.

This look would emphasize your whole body and not just the dress. The light lipstick would balance out the smoky eye and make you look elegant.

This look would work almost every time – be it an office party or a night out with friends.

Jewelry that goes with red dress

Now that you know about makeup, let’s talk about jewelry.

Yellow gold

This is the most popular choice when it comes to matching jewelry with a red dress. Yellow gold complements the red of your dress hence giving you a warmer look.

White gold

On the contrary, white gold gives you a cooler look. It provides a contrast with the warm red of your dress.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver gives you a look similar to white gold at a more affordable price.

Diamonds and pearls

Diamonds and pearls are very neutral pieces of jewelry and can be worn with your red dress. These would give you a very balanced look as they would catch the attention of people but would not look too gaudy.

Black gemstones

Black goes very well red. But make sure to wear subtle black jewelry with your red dress, otherwise, you might end up looking too gothic.

Mismatched – silver and gold

Wearing a silver neckpiece with gold earrings is also a great choice. It will catch everyone’s eye but would also look subtle at the same time.

Footwear that goes with red dress

Last but not the least, you should choose the right footwear to complete your whole look.


Black footwear is the safest option when it comes to any outfit. Be it a dress or a sweater with jeans, black goes well with everything. No matter what style of footwear you choose, you can always make blackwork


Want to give your dress a bit casual look? Go put those white sneakers on. White should be your go-to color if you want to give out a casual, summery vibe.


Pairing your red dress with nude shoes is a trend now. Any nude color that blends with your skin is the way to go. Make sure you buy nude footwear based on your skin tone.


Gold footwear is another great fit for your red dress, especially if you are going to a formal event.


Silver footwear gives you a classy and elegant look.

Final words

In the end, you should be the one to decide what you want to do with your red dress. You should decide on your make-up and accessories depending upon the vibe and occasion. But always remember, whatever you choose, you should feel confident and good in it. Others might have different opinions, but always do what you feel is the right thing to do.

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