Why do nail polish peels off after one day? How to fix it?

Nail polish chipping and cracking is one of the most common causes if not applied properly. In some cases, the nail polish peels off after one day. It happens when you have not prepped the nail well enough before applying the polish or not taking care of it after polish.

Thus, to prevent chipping and peel-offs to your recently manicured nails, make sure to never miss out on applying basecoat and topcoat, avoid frequent contact with water, buff out nails before applying polish, and not use cuticle oil before starting the manicure.


Here is the video showing how to keep your polish from peeling.

How to prevent my nail polish from peeling?

Always apply basecoat and topcoat

Basecoat and topcoat are made with two different formulas and should not be confused as one. And although applying both can become a time-consuming task, it is essential to prevent chipping and cracking of polishes and extend the duration of your manicure.

While basecoat applied before starting with the nail polish helps the paint to stick to your nail plate, a topcoat applied after the polish gets dry helps to seal everything all together. And for further protection from chipping, it’s best to apply the topcoat every other day.

Avoid frequent water contact

Excessive water contact will soften the nails, making the polish more prone to crack and peel away.

Hence, to prevent this, avoid chores that include frequent contact with water, such as washing dishes, cleaning the garden, and more.

However, if you can’t avoid them, make sure to wear gloves before proceeding with the chores.

Buff out nail before applying polish

If the nail contains natural oils and is too oily, the polish won’t stick to your nails well enough. It will lead to chipping and scratching in the polish easily. This is why buffing out the nails before applying polish is imperative.

It will not only clean out the natural oils but will also remove the uneven surface of your nails, making them smooth and easy to apply.

Hence, it will prolong the life of your manicure. Also, try to use a dehydrator or nail polish remover to get rid of the excess oil present in the nails.

Apply thin coats

The popular belief that thicker polish will make the nails stronger and more resistant to chipping is false. In fact, it will make them more prone to cracking and peel-offs.

Thus, apply thin coats of polish and wit for the first coat to dry out completely before proceeding with the second coat. The longer you let the polish dry in-between coats, the more long-lasting it will become.

Do not use cuticle oil before applying polish

When applying polish, your nails should not have any traces of moisture in them. Otherwise, it will make them slippery and difficult for the polish to adhere to the nail plate properly. It will raise the chances of chipping and peel-offs.

Hence, you must not apply cuticle oil before applying polish as it will make the nails soft and moisturized. Instead, apply it after the manicure when everything has become dried.

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