Can you put acrylic nails on toes?

When it comes to manicure, acrylic nails are one of the most popular choices. It’s long-lasting, durable, and sturdy. Which means you can also put acrylic nails on your toes.

However, during the pedicure, one must use the appropriate products with the right technique to prevent nail infections or any other damages.

And if the length of the acrylic nails on toes is too long, it can become inconvenient for walking and running. Not to mention the discomfort it can cause with certain types of footwear. Otherwise, they will look as good on your toes as they will on your fingers.

Is acrylic on toes bad?

If the process throughout the application of the acrylic on toes is correct, it will not be harmful or painful. But, the downsides it has when applied to fingers are also applicable to your toes.

For example, the chances of the acrylic nail getting peeled off or damaged if it gets smashed on any hard surfaces and the worry of infections if the health of your nails is poor.

Aside from these factors, your toenails are often covered with footwear, which can lead to higher chances of accidental removal of the acrylic nails. And if you put too much pressure on it while walking or running, it can also cause ingrown nails.

But if you can handle these situations and want to go ahead with putting acrylic nails on your toes, make sure to go to a reputable salon that has skilled nail technicians. They know all the proper techniques and procedures.

Are There Acrylic Nails For Toes?

There are products available designed especially for acrylic nails pedicure. They are found in either salon or in many DIY kits in the stores. But if you are a beginner, it’s advisable to visit a salon for the acrylic nail application rather than doing it at home with the help of a DIY kit.

How long do acrylic toenails last?

If you have done it from a salon, on average, acrylic toenails can last at least 2 weeks before going for infills. But with extra care and maintenance, one can even extend it up to 4 weeks.

Can you fix broken toenail with acrylic?

Yes, it’s a great idea to hide your broken toenail with acrylic. It is also a safe option to place the acrylic nail over the natural broken nail as it will give it time to grow underneath the acrylic.


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