Why do my nails curl inwards at sides?

When you grow nails, you may notice some weird growth. The nail might curl inward at the sides. You can’t ignore this as your fingernail depicts a lot about your health and is directly connected to it.

Your nails may curl inwards due to various reasons, in most cases, it is due to any injury or lack of nutrition. Curling of nails may also indicate serious issues like respiratory disorders or lack of oxygen, iron, or other nutrients.

Curling of nails is a very common issue and it is seen differently in everyone. It is not always the subject of concern and can be treated at home. However, several proven ways are there to prevent it.

Different people have noticed the curling of fingernails on only one side while some have experienced it only in long nails. This concludes that the issue may differ in different people.

Why do my nails get curled when they grow longer?

This issue is known as koilonychia or spoon nails. The primary reason for this is the lack of iron in your body or other health issues related to the levels of iron. It can be one of the first symptoms of hemochromatosis or Plummer-vinson syndrome.

According to experts, treating iron deficiency may cure this problem. The level of iron can be increased in the body by making few changes in diet or consuming some iron tablets on a doctor’s prescription.

Another reason which may cause curled nails while growing longer is dryness. The nail may get dry while gaining length, which tends the nail to curl. This is a common reason found in many people.

Dryness is caused due to loss of keratin in nails.

To test whether dryness is the reason for your curled nails, try soaking them in warm water for a while. If they feel better than before, it might be your reason and can be cured by just moisturizing it, and if not you might need to see a physician.

The reason for your curls in longer fingernails may or may not be serious therefore we recommend you see a professional or an expert in this field to avoid consequences.

Why is my nail only curled from one side?

Your nails are probably curled from one side due to an injury or trauma. Incidents do happen and they may leave their mark till the end. Curl in a nail from one side is one of the impressions of an accident.

The accident might have occurred in your early childhood or recently which has left its effect on your nail.

Weak and brittle nails are more likely to get damaged in little accidents. Try consuming multivitamins tablets or increase protein in your diet to make your nails healthy and strong.

If your nails are weak and they break in no time then you might see a doctor as it can be a sign of deficiency of various nutrients. Deficiency in nutrients not only shows bad effects on nails but on overall health.

There is also a possibility of you suffering from some kind of respiratory issue. Curling of nails from one side has been noticed amongst asthmatic patients or people suffering from lack of oxygen.

Other causes may include AIDS, IBD, or cardiovascular diseases.

If you’re a smoker then quitting smoking can cure this.

Here is the video which guide you further

Why are my nails curved at the tip?

You may find your nails getting curved at the tip, the reason behind that is the increased blood flow in your nails.
The tissue underneath your nail may grow and cause the fingertip to become round; this results in the curling of fingernails at the tip.

Numerous reasons can cause the effect on a nail. Here is a list of a few.

Nail psoriasis

Psoriasis is very common and is found in most people after a certain age. Not only curves but a thickening of nails and holes in the nails are also some of the symptoms of nail psoriasis.
It can be cured by ointment or oral medication prescribed by doctors.


Hemochromatosis is found to be one of the causes of nail curl at the sides. It is mainly transferred from parent to child over generations.

The disease occurs when the body absorbs more iron than the required quantity from the diet. This disease can build-up up to 4 times more iron than the usual quantity in a body.

This is a serious health condition that may damage body parts like the lungs and liver.

How can I prevent my nails from curling?

Growing nails is something that every girl looks forward to and not everyone is a fan of fake nails but having nails that curls can be annoying at times.

There is good news for everyone who was eagerly looking for a solution.

There are numerous ways to get rid of it or reduce its effect. Here you will find the best ways that work.

1. Incorporating nutrients in your diet

The curling of nails is a result of the lack of nutrients and minerals in a diet, mainly vitamins B12, vitamin D3, and Iron.
Incorporating these nutrients in your diet may act as a savior for you. These minerals and nutrients are good for your overall body health.

Consuming red meat, leafy vegetables, raisins, cheese, and salmon might help as they are rich in such nutrients.

2. Take care of your cuticles

Taking good care of cuticles benefits in having long fingernails. Massage your cuticles and try to push them back. Repeat this daily to prevent the curling of nails.

3. Increase your protein intake

Protein is a great element for your hair, nail body. And it is never a bad idea to consume it. Increasing the protein intake can not only help you as an aid for curled nails but also good for your overall body hair.

4. Trim your nails frequently

Cutting down nails is basic body hygiene and you should do it more often. Curl nails can not only make your hand look uglier but also cause great damage. They can get stuck somewhere. Also, growing curly nails gives an invitation to many health problems.

5. Using supplements

Using supplements will be an impeccable cure for curl nails. You can use biotin which is mostly used for hair growth. This is a proven method and tested by many people suffering from the same problem. You can start using these by taking the recommendation of your doctor.

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