How to fix damaged nails after bitting?

I know you are trying hard to get rid of your nail-biting habit but you aren’t able to get out of it. Let me tell you you are not the one fighting with it. People try a lot of majors to stop this habit.

Biting nails can also make the skin around your nails dry and damage it-which, therefore, increases the risk of infection.

When you bite your nail, it gets damaged and looks ugly. Remember! Your nails are the mirror for your image and health so you must not ignore them.

Now that the damage is done you must be looking for some solutions, you can fix your damaged nails after biting them with many methods but, we are going to let you know the best ones.

Damaged nails after biting can be fixed by applying cuticle oils for moisturizing the tips and incorporating protein in the diet.

Biting nails is unhygienic and unhealthy for your body. When your nails come in contact with your mouth it leaves germs inside it and can make you sick. It is better to try techniques like meditation or wearing gloves to cure this habit of yours.

How can I fix my damaged nails after biting?

It is good to see that you are looking for a solution as ignoring the problem can trap you in incurable diseases. Nails damaged by biting can be cured easily if you give them attention as soon as possible.

Don’t let any of your nail problems become serious health problems.

1. Applying cuticle oil and cuticle cream

Starting the list with the most effective ways to cure your damaged nails. Cuticle oil and creams are amongst the proven methods to heal your nails. Apply it regularly for fast recovery.

Cuticle oil is enriched with healthy nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are good for nail health and initiates growth.

Cuticle oil/creams are effective in moisturizing and hydrating. The oil gets absorbed underneath the skin of the nail and helps restore the natural oils.

2. Consume a healthy diet

Nail is part of your body and it highly depends on what you incorporate into your diet. Your eating habits control your nail health more than what you do externally.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals and nutrients helps your nails to repair fast.

Nails are nothing but a shell of a protein called keratin.

Increase the amount of protein and vitamins. Protein-rich food helps in boosting the overall growth of the body. Protein helps your nails to grow whereas vitamins help your nails to repair.

Include chicken, eggs, leafy vegetables, almonds, mushrooms in your diet. These food items are a good source of protein and vitamins.

3. Stay away from chemicals

Most nail care products are infused with a lot of harmful chemicals that tend to make your nails weak and brittle. Stop using products like acetone, that contain high alcohol levels.

These products are not good for the overall health of the nail. Try to avoid chemical products during the time of recovery.

4. Avoid cutting your cuticles

You should not cut your cuticles. Cutting cuticles leads to bacterial infection. Avoid cutting cuticles as much as you can, as it is not very necessary to cut them.

None of the professionals have ever given a green flag to cutting cuticles. Whenever going for a manicure ask your agent to press them gently.

Cuticles are a very gentle part of your nails and so they require extra care.

5. Wear gloves

My Nails usually become weak because of dryness. Dryness can be caused by air or saliva. Sometimes, your soap can be a reason for their dryness. Wearing gloves at the time of household chores or going out and preventing dryness.

Wearing gloves is also suggested to reduce your habit of biting nails.


6. Take the advice of a professional

If you feel any unusual pain or notice bleeding, seek help from a professional or see a doctor as it can lead to several infections.
Medical help can help your nail repair rapidly. Doctors may prescribe some ointment or tablet for repair.

For more tips refer to this video by Thuya Professional Line


How long does it take a damaged nail to heal?

Following the advice mentioned above will help you heal your nails in just a couple of days.

Usually, the period of healing can be as little as one week as well as more than 3-6 months depending on the damage done to your nails.

The period also depends on your diet and protein intake. As nutrients, minerals, and protein control growth and repair.


How can I stop myself from biting the nail?

Despite various methods to fix the damage it is always better to look for answers to how you can stop yourself from biting nails.

For many years people have tried and tested so many techniques that have helped them in their journey of stopping their habit of biting nails.

Here are some of them.

1. Grow a healthy mind

Many people have reported that they used to bite nails due to stress. So the first step is to cultivate mindfulness. Be patient. Try meditation to improve your mental health.
Any other way won’t work if you are not aware of mindfulness. This is the best method to prevent the biting of nails.

2. Apply aloe Vera on your nails

Aloe vera is bitter which will prevent you from biting your nails. It is a natural ingredient that is also good in hydrating nails. Many professionals suggest this technique to their clients for good nail health.

3. Manicure therapy

Manicure is not cheap and can be hard on pockets sometimes. Also, the nails look pretty cute and classy after a manicure. Getting an expensive manicure can make you think twice before biting them.
A manicure can also help in healing the dryness of your nails and Is necessary for nail hygiene.

Here are a few tips for fixing the nails to stop biting them, if you follow each one carefully you can get healthy nails in no time!

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