Can you clip acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are preferred by people who love long and durable nails. acrylic nails are a very stylish and trendy nail manicure. Everyone wants to get an acrylic nail unless they come across how difficult it is to manage them with work.

A lot of times professionals ask their clients to avoid work that is harsh on their nails or to wear gloves as the nails can get damaged.

But what if you’ve got acrylic nails and now you are indulging in works that are aggressive on nails.

Can you clip acrylic nails? Yes, you can cut your acrylic nails; all you need to be is a little patience and care while doing it.
If you do not like your nails that long or it is interrupting your daily work you can chop them off on your own or get it done by any professional.


What are acrylic nails and how is it applied?

Acrylic nails are a type of fake nail that is made out of acrylic powder dough and shaped with the use of a brush. Unlike other nails these do not require lamp or UV rays to harden, they are air-dried.

A lot of products go into acrylic manicure and are applied patiently. Girls usually get it done from a salon but you can also try it home. All you need is a little skill.

If you want to do that on your own you can refer to this video by Kiara sky nails

I would prefer you to get it done by an expert as it can be difficult to arrange all the products.

Here is how acrylic nails are applied step by step?

  1. The supplies required for acrylic nails are collected first. It contains nail glue, clippers, files, acrylic powder or liquid, etc
  2. Your nails are prepared next, if you’ve any old nail polish on it will be removed and nails are trimmed in this step.
  3. After trimming your nails, they are filed to get a rougher base for the acrylic. The acrylic powder sticks better on a rough surface.
  4. Cuticles are pushed back and dead cells are removed if any. And after that, a nail primer is applied as a base.
  5. On to the dried nail primer a perfect acrylic is chosen as per your finger and desired length and is applied to your nail with the help of glue.
  6. Over your acrylic nails, a coating is done of acrylic mixture which contains acrylic powder and liquid.
  7. The nails are air dried and the color is applied to them.

Applying acrylic nails is a lengthy process and it may take up to 1-3 hrs.


How to clip my acrylic nails?

It is very crucial for you to keep the points mentioned below in mind to lessen the chances of an accident. Be very careful during the whole process.

1. Do not use scissors

Using scissors is not recommended at all. Use clippers to cut your nails. the clipper should also be a large one for easy access.

Many clipping kits are available in stores and online you may buy that too for an easy procedure.

While cutting down your nails, do not try to cut the whole nail at one time. Cut them in small amounts or different steps. You start cutting each step by starting from the corner and then the center cutting the rest of it.

Try to cut the nails finely as too many cuts can make your nails look ugly.

2. File the nails

As you’re not a professional, you may have trimmed uneven nails which feels uncomfortable. And that is why you should file your nails and give them some sort of shape.

Nails also get very sharp and can hurt your filing and make your tips softer.

It is advised to use thin filers; they are the best ones to use on acrylic nails.

If you’re looking for something cheap, glass nails are the option you can go for. They are easily available online.

Move the file diagonally for an effective file and give your edges a softer file for a natural look of your nail.

3. Repair the cracks

When you file your nails there is a possibility of cracking and chapping of your nail color. Filing is an important step and hence you can’t ignore it so what you have to do is just simply apply the exact color of nail polish on your nails. and you’re done.

How to remove acrylic nails?

While cutting your nails they might face severe damage and you may end up spoiling them. You just can’t compromise with your look so it’s better to remove them

Removing acrylic nails is quite easy if you follow the points below carefully. There are several ways to remove your acrylic nails.

Here I am listing the easiest ones.

1. Removing acrylic nails with acetone

Firstly, cut down all the excess nails above the finger. This will make your removal easy.

Next, use a nail buffer and remove the shine of the nails completely. This will help in removing the paint easily.

When you’re done doing it, soak both your hands in acetone for at least 5 min. Make sure it’s 100% acetone. With your hands or cuticle remove polish from your nails, continue it until your polish is completely removed. Apply cuticle oil at last and you’re done!

2. Removing the nails with an electric file

This technique is mainly used by professionals.

Gently remove the top layer of your acrylic nails with an electric file.

After this step soaks a cotton swab completely into 100%acetone and wraps it around your nails. you may also wrap a foil on top of it for better results.

Remove the swab after a goof of 15- 16 minutes and remove the access with a cuticle pusher. Apply cuticle oil and that’s it!

These were the two most effective ways to remove your acyclic in case of urgent removal.

You should visit a professional for a better and fine result. It is also advised to get your nails clipped by a professional to reduce the chance of accidents.

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