Best Fresh sugar lip balm dupes

Lip balms. A go-to product that has led entrance into the makeup for many of us. 

This may not be the most glamorous product on your makeup collection but it surely is one of the most useful ones, saving our lips through cold days by hydrating and moisturizing chapped lips.


When it comes to the best lip balms, Fresh Sugar lip treatment tops it being super moisturizing,having amazing fragrance and alluring color options in the market. The only downfall is the price tag. It’s pretty expensive and may not even be obtainable in the local market. To overcome this worry, there are several dupes for Sugar Fresh lip balms that do the job pretty the same as it.


Best dupes of Fresh Sugar Lip Balms


1. Burtz bees tinted lip balms

This decent dupe comes in a range of 8 flattering shades and formulated with Shea butter and Botanical wax. It gives a hint of tinted colour and moisturises upto 8 hours. This product is free from parabens,SLS,petrolatum and  phthalates. 

It’s 100% natural origin and nourishes lips effectively everytime you swipe.

Comparative to Fresh Sugar lip balm, it is a bit thinner in consistency and not as quiet as pigmented . But it is great for a natural everyday look and adds a smooch of colour.


2. Revlon Kiss Balm lip balm

This lip care is formulated with infused natural oils and makes lips super hydrating and provides softer lips every time  you smooth it on. 

Surprisingly, it comes with SPF20 protection at a pocket-friendly price whereas Fresh Sugar provides SPF15. This lip balm comes in fascinating 4 shades and provides high pigments yet with subtle pretty tints. It has a tasty fruity flavour. This one’s a multitasking lip care for sure!


3. Maybelline Baby lips lip care

Maybelline Baby Lips lip care is enriched with SPF20 unlike Fresh Sugar providing SPF15 protection from the sun.

 It helps to achieve soft supple lips and moisturises upto hours! This balm comes in 3 beautiful shades with less occlusive consistency and adds a touch of color to your lips and gives you a presentable look.


4.Nivea lip balm 

This lip balm is known for it’s delightful fruity aroma that gives a pleasant feeling after application. 

It is infused with natural oils and moisturises your lips making them smooth and soft upto 24 hours.

It comes in 8 shades and gives a beautiful shine with a hint of a colour to your lips after every application. 

It’s less creamy textured than Fresh Sugar,so if you’re not a big fan of the thick consistency of Fresh sugar but want moisturised lips, Nivea lip balm is a good option. And it’s super affordable too! 


5. E.L.F Cosmetics Ride or Die lip balm

This amazing lip care has rich consistency and is infused with jojoba oil which repairs chapped and dry lips and gives a plump with long hours of intense moisture.

Most importantly, it is 100% vegan and cruelty free. It is also free from phthalates, parabens,nonylphenol ethoxylates,triclosan, triclocarban, hydroquinone and sulfates. 

It comes in 7 pretty shades and gives your lips a sheer wash of colour. 

It comes in a tube form so you have to apply it with your finger or brush. It has a mild natural fragrance. 


6.Laneige Lip glowy lip balm

Cult-favourite brand Laneige comes with a Laneige lip glowy lip balm which is lightweight and super hydrating. It gives your lips a dewy tinted look and kissable lips throughout the day.

The formula contains murumuru butter and shea butter that provides powerful hydration and lock in the moisture longer. 

It comes in 5 alluring shades in a tube form which is to be applied directly to the lips giving you plumpy and moisturising lips you’ll love!


These were some of the best dupes of Fresh Sugar Lip balms. So look no further than these products and treat your lips best that you desire to, but  at a reasonable price!

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