List of different eyeshadow shapes you should try

Your eye makeup is the star of your makeup and on every occasion, you are looking a different kind of look on you. Let me tell you one thing: a minimum shape change can easily transform or elevate your makeup from look to lewk..

If you feel stuck every day and cannot decide, what should you transform into today then your search is over. 

Here is a huge list of different eyeshadows.

You can go to the inner corner, outer corner, cat-shaped, and whatnot.


Remember, every human is unique and hence every one of us has different and unique shapes and sizes of eyes. Keeping that in mind these articles cover one very important part: how to choose the right shape of eyeshadow for your eye.

Choosing the right shape is equally important as a part of makeup as a shape can either elevate your look or downgrade it.


Best eyeshadow shapes to try


1. Inner corner


People who have wide eyes can go for an inner corner. Throw some color inside your lid and blend it. It helps to reduce the space with your eyes. This look is maximum in minimum efforts. It automatically throws all the attention to the inner shape of your eye so if you want to flaunt the shape of the inner eye then you must go for this one.


2. Outer corner


If you have closed or small eyes then apply some eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye. this will flaunt your entire eye’s shape. It also gives the appearance of having larger eyes. This looks so classy when done with bold colors.


3. Both the corner


If you are confused between, what should you choose then go for both as to why not? Apply dark eyeshadows on both the corners leaving the middle space highlighted in between. This does not look less than a fairy tale. Your eyes look beautiful and all the attention of the face is transferred onto your eyes.


4. Outer corner “cat shaped”


When you are going for a cat-shaped outer corner all things are clear in the head. The shape looks completely out of the box and it’s quite popular by its means. The main purpose of this shape is to pull up the outer corner of the eye. the day you want to look naughty and mysterious just like a cat goes for this one.


5. Outer Corner & Crease, Blended Upwards


The look can be attained by applying the darker shades of eyeshadow on the outer corner and the crease blending it to perfection till the brows. The highlighted brow is also blended within the eyeshadow.

One plus point for this shape is that it fits almost every eye shape so whatever is your eye shape you can go for this on without thinking a bit. One tip for hooded eye people, blend the eyeshadow a little more upwards so that it is visible.


6. Banana


This shape will make your eyelids look a little longer. Apply the eyeshadow on the outer corner taking it all up to the inner corner. You do not have to bend it down the inner corner; it needs to be exactly above the inner corner giving it a shape like a banana.


7. Whole inner part


Now it’s pretty simple to understand that by its name that the eyeshadow needs to be applied only in the inner part but as a whole. This gives a bold look to your eyes. The eyeshadow is not for everyone out there. But if you want to experiment with your look then you must try it.


8. Just the crease


This shape creates a depth inside your eyes. Here the game is a little reversed if you apply a light eyeshadow to the crease, your eyes will look much larger. It is called the ‘cut crease’. Go for this one if you have small eyes and you want to make your eyes look bigger and larger.


9. Whole lid


This shape is for the days you do not want to go wrong with anything. Apply any color it may be light dark highlights anything but just cover the whole lid with it. it is a minimalistic look and a savior for beginners. You do not need to have so many skills for this one.


How to choose an eyeshadow color?


Color plays an important part when it comes to eyeshadow choosing the right shape and choosing the right color for it can have a reverse effect on your eyes. Let us see how to find a perfect color for your eyes. There are three ways by which you can choose the right color.


1. Choosing the eyeshadow according to the color of your eye


The first method to choose the right color for your eyeshadow is to choose it according to the color of your eyes. If you have blue eyes then you should go for a lighter shade, if you have grey eyes then smokey shades will enhance your look. In the case of green eyes, you can go for purple and browns or any lighter shade like pinks. And at last, if you have brown eyes then you don’t need to worry any color works best for it but reddish and golden works the best.


2. Choose by skin tone


If you have a warm skin tone then you must go for colors like Bronze, light pink, coral, or light green will help enhance your natural coloring, if you have a cool skin tone then you try colors like silver, teal, lilac, or gray. If you have a medium skin tone then you can go for any color of your choice. For darker skin tones, emerald, violet, ruby, sapphire.


3. Choose by hair color


If you have black or brown hair then you can try any type of hair color you need. If you have blonde hair then Sticking to colors like gray, pink, black, blue, gold, or cream will enhance natural coloring. For red and auburn hair go for shades like black, pink, gold, olive, or copper will help the hair to stand out more without distracting from it



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