Best nail shape for fat fingers: We recommend these

Properly shaped nails will give a definition to your fingers and make them look more impressive. There are some nail shapes that look more flattering to a specific finger type than the others. And the best nail shape for fat and chubby fingers are almond shape, oval shape, and stiletto shape.

They make the fingers look more elongated and slender. Whereas round and Squoval shapes will not suit chubby fingers the best as they will give the fingers a shorter and wider look, making it less appealing.

Nail shapes for fat fingers

Almond shape

Almond shape has a slimming silhouette and suits the best to short and plump fingers. With tapered tips and slanted sides, this shape gives a sophisticated and slender look.

Plus, it provides an illusion of extra length, making your fingers look elongated. It is easy to grow your nails with this particular shape as it is one of the strongest and chicest nail shapes.

Oval shape

Oval shapes look the most enticing on wide nail beds, and most chubby-looking fingers have that. Plus, it looks good on all nail sizes. Oval is a classic and natural-looking shape with rounded tips and corners that curve inward.

It should not be confused with rounded nails, as the oval shape is filed down along the sides at more extreme than rounded shapes to elongate the nails and make the fingers look longer. It also gives a convenient and feminine look.

Stiletto shape

This particular shape is pointy, long, and dramatic. It is one of the most demanding nail shapes and popular among celebrities the most. The edges are filed from its pointed tip at such an extreme that it looks like a triangle.

With such sharp corners, your fingers are bound to look the slimmest and elongated. It will make your fingers stand out and give an edgy look. However, it might be challenging to carry this style for some people.

This will you to choose your nail shape according to your nail type 

Nail shapes to avoid for fat fingers

These nail shapes below should be avoided if your aim is to make your fingers look elongated and slender.

Round shape

Although this nail shape is the easiest to achieve, it is not suitable for chubby and fat fingers as it will make them look more stump and short than it is already.

It will not give an elongated look to your fingers. Instead, it will make your wider nail beds more prominent.Hence, you should avoid this nail type if you have short chubby fingers.

Squoval shape

As the name suggests, it is a mixture of square and oval nail shapes. But, since it has round-out edges, it will not be the most flattering for chubby fingers. Just like round shapes, it will make your nail beds look wider. It is ideal for long and slim fingers rather than short and chubby fingers.

Tips for nail growth

  • Use cuticle oil to avoid dry and brittle nails that are more prone to breakage.
  • Avoid acetone-based nail removers; instead, choose one that has natural ingredients.
  • Take keratin supplements to build strong and resilient nails
  • Add more protein to your diet


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