Can you leave coconut oil in hair for long like days or weeks?

Coconut oil is often used for healthy hair growth. It is undoubtedly the best ingredient for your hair. Coconut oil improves the condition of your hair and is one of the best solutions for damaged hair.

Coconut oil acts best when applied on the scalp two or half-hour before hair wash. One should never leave coconut oil in hair for a day or week. Leaving coconut oil for too long can worsen your hair hygiene.

However, coconut oil has been recommended by a majority of hair experts because of its promising results.

Why should you not leave coconut oil in your hair for long?

Coconut oil should always be applied on hair 1-2hr or half an hour before hair wash for good results.

When you leave the oil for long your scalp becomes greasy which accumulates a lot of dirt.Leaving coconut oil for too long can lead to bad-smelling hair. A bad smell is caused as coconut oil can make you sweat a lot.

Even though coconut oil has positive effects, keeping it for too long can reverse it and make your hair stiff and hard.

Make sure you apply it before a hair wash, use a timer for your help.

Experts also say that it is not necessary to apply coconut oil every day, once or twice a week is fine.

Why use coconut oil?

No other hair oil can work as miraculously as coconut oil. It protects your hair in a way that it locks the protein in your hair which prevents your hair from damage.

Coconut oil acts as a treatment for dandruff and lice.

Coconut oil acts as a shield from the adverse effects of UV rays on your hair. It is proven that sun rays cause a lot of damage to your hair, applying coconut oil while going in the sun can reduce the effect.

How to apply coconut oil?

Coconut oil can work excellently if you apply it perfectly. Here is the best way to apply oil to your hair.

  • Heat your oil in a microwave or a pan, you can also try keeping it in the sun.
  • Part your hair in two sections carefully and untangle your hair for better application.
  • Apply the oil to your scalp and roots and massage it thoroughly for min. 5 minutes. This step can be very relaxing and boosts your hair growth.
  • Leave the oil for 1 to 2 hours and not more than that.

Following all the steps in the way mentioned above can make your hair look shiny and healthier.

How much coconut oil should I use?

The amount of coconut oil depends upon the length, volume, and problems of hair.
If your hair is too long you should go for 2-3 tablespoons of oil whereas 1 tablespoon is perfectly fine for short hair.

People having dense hair should add some extra amount of oil for a complete application.

Coconut oil is one of the best solutions for dandruff and roughness so you must apply an additional amount of oil on the scalp to deal with dandruff.

Apply the oil over your hair strands to get rid of dry and frizzy hair.

Make sure you apply the oil in the required amount as extra oil will require more shampoo which can result in dryness and fizziness.

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