Curls Vs Straight Hair? Which is better and attractive?

The age old debate , curls vs straight, is a never ending struggle. If you are unsure about what suits you, here’s everything you need to know.

Curls vs Straight Hair? Which is better?

Well, there’s no answer for which is better as it varies from person to person and depends on your facial features and thickness of hair and mostly your preference.

Curls vs Straight Hair? Which is more attractive?

Men find curly hair more attractive than straight hair. On a broader perspective,healthy looking natural hair Is a sign of virility and any hair type maintained well and as long as you flaunt it confidently is attractive!

Why does someone have naturally curly or straight hair?

It’s completely in your genes. Curls are an autosomal dominant trait,if either of your parents have curly hair, chances are you’d have it too. Inheritance plays a major role in deciding whether you have curly or straight hair.

What you’re born with is not in your control,you might not be born with the hair you desire(not everybody is that lucky I know! ) enter hair treatments! You can get your desired texture by getting a perm or rebonding only if your hair is strong enough to take on the damage of it.

What is hair rebonding for getting straight hair?

Hair rebonding is a way of straightening your hair using powerful chemicals. The process takes several hours.

Basically, water breaks the hydrogen bonds of the keratin molecules in your hair. A chemical, usually formaldehyde, then crosslinks the new design of your hair structure in a pin-straight alignment.

The result is hair that looks even straighter than naturally straight hair.


How to get curly hair using perm?

If you have thin straight hair and you’re looking to flaunt curly voluminous hair, perm’s your solution.
Hair Perming chemically alters hair fibres to give curly looking hair. There are various techniques for various looks for you to try out through hair perming.

Before you think of getting any kind of alterations done,first learn the pros and cons of straight vs curly hair.

Pros and cons of straight hair


  • Looks good on round faced beauties.
  • Comparatively easier to maintain.
  • There is minimum frizziness.
  • No need for repeated combing.
  • Sleek and polished.
  • Takes very little time for you to get ready in the morning.
  • It’s easy to grow long hair due to the nourishment it gets from the sebum produced at scalp reaching the very tips of hair
  • Extra shine.
  • Hair can handle tough brushing.
  • Looks neat, tidy and well-presented without much efforts
  • Easy to part.
  • Braids easily.


  • Due to excess sebum production hair gets greasy within a day or two after washing.
  • Lacks volume due to greasiness
  • Not many hairstyling options are available.
  • Pony dents are a thing and can be irritating.
  • Even though you need not spend time combing your hair you need to spend time washing it.
  • Without hairspray pins and clips slide right through.

Pros and cons of curly hair


  • Various hair style options, just part your hair differently and you have a new hairstyle.
  • You don’t have to wash your hair that often.
  • Looks Great in summer.
  • Volume is never a problem.
  • Has a life of its own.
  • It’s Vibrant, fun and never boring.


  • Humidity makes your hair poofy.
  • Hair Looks shorter than the original length. Hard to achieve the long hair look.
  • Maintenance is high. To achieve perfect curls one must invest in loads of products.
  • Gets damaged easily.
  • Lacks the shine.
  • Combing out tangles is a draining process.

Both these hair types have it’s own pros and cons and at the end of the day you have to decide what suits you based on your lifestyle, time management and ultimately your liking.

Before you choose what suits you best for you here’s things for you to consider.


Maintenance for straight hair

Straight hair needs frequent washing or else it becomes greasier. You need to make sure you have time to wash every 2-4 days.

Fortunately, straight hair doesn’t need any shine serum or anti frizz sprays which saves you some money. You only need to brush your hair and keep it tangle free.

Lack of volume is one of the main problems of straight hair. Products which provide volume such as Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse and Aveda Volumizing Tonic must be used.

Setting sprays are required when clips and pins are used or else clips slide off the smooth silky hair.

Maintenance for curly hair

Curly hair can be washed less frequently than straight hair. However to have perfect curls many products like Earth Rhythm Volumizing Rice Curl Complex ,Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Curl Butter Treatment,Schwarzkopf Osis+ Curl Honey Curl Cream have to be used .

Lack of volume is never a problem, however humidity and excess moisture in the atmosphere can puff up your hair. Anti Frizz products are a must.

In simple words, you can choose straight hair if you can spend extra time or curly hair if you can spend extra money.


The age old debate of curls vs straight hair won’t be getting a solution any time soon, and might continue till the end of time. People who have curly hair think straight hair is better and vice versa.

Straight or curly, keep it healthy by using good products, having a balanced diet and washing regularly. Hair is the crown you’ll never take off so wear it confidently.


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