How often can you tone your hair?

Toning is a perfect option to enhance your natural hair color and give them some dimensions. Toning has been quite a popular trend amongst people with blonde hair.

When you tone your hair, it lasts about three to four weeks. The period is considerably short so, you have to re-do it to get the results back.

Toning is done after a chemical bleaching process, which as a result separates the protein from your hair. The whole process of Toning can reduce your hair strength, so it’s recommended to wait for 7-8 weeks until your hair strands are completely recovered.

It is better to be familiar with toners, their application, how does toner works, and how to maintain the tones to get the answers clear.

What is the process of Toning?

Toning works well on light hair so the first step is bleaching. Bleaching helps in the reduction of pigment from your hair and makes it 3 to 4 shades lighter. It usually depends on the duration of time you keep the bleach on.

An approximate ratio of 1:2 of toner with a developer is mixed together according to the choice of tones you ask for.

Then, the toner is applied to the unwanted undertones of your hair strands to achieve shiny and healthy-looking hair. A toner takes up to 30-45 minutes to leave its effect and remains for up to three to four weeks.

Why should you tone your hair?

Hair is an important feature of your look and you should not think twice before investing in it. Toning is a proven solution to up your hair game.

It can be frustrating to have hair that looks unnaturally bright yellow or golden. Toning can give your hair an ideal or a more natural or cooler shade that looks stunning. It also works well in getting rid of brassy hair and enhances the tones of your natural hair color.

More than that, It gives dimensions to your hair and makes them shiny and healthy which somehow also hides the split ends.

The only drawback of toning is that it doesn’t stay for long, it oxidizes with time.


When should you tone your hair again?

Toning is an effective solution for hair but it lasts shortly therefore to get your shiny and vibrant hair color you need to tone it again.

No matter how much toning makes your hair look attractive it damages your hair a bit. Bleaching used in the process of toning has its effects on your hair.

It is advised to tone your hair after 4-5 weeks or a month later depending upon the quality of your hair. Generally, it’s better to tone it again after 7-8 weeks for healthy hair.

Remember you should never tone twice a day or within a week!

How to maintain your tone?

Now that you know it’s necessary to wait 7-8 weeks to get your tone back, it is better to maintain your tone to avoid frequent toning. Here are some tips: –

  • Hot water can wash away your hair color, so wash your hair with cold water.
  • Do not wash your hair regularly or frequently as little color is washed off every time you wash your hair.
  • Use shampoo or conditioner which do not contain sulphate.
  • UV rays can damage your hair so cover your hair every time you step out of the house.

Here is a video to help you maintain your tone easily.



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