Best nail shape for short fingers? We recommend these

Nails speak a lot about you so why compromise in that. A single mistake can change your look from glam to damn. It is always better to do some research before you head to the salon.

If you’re someone who has short fingers you must be very curious to know what shape will suit you the best. Nothing to worry about, there are plenty of shapes you can choose from.

While choosing a shape make sure that it makes your finger look long. Choosing the right shape will help you transform your hand.

Some of the best nail shapes for short fingers are Almond, Oval, stiletto, and square.

Here is a detail about each shape mentioned above so that you can make a wise choice.

Best nail shape for short fingers


Almond nails look the classiest amongst them all. They create an illusion of long fingers and that’s what makes them the perfect shape for short fingers.

The shape does full justice to its name and looks exactly like an almond.

This shape can be acquired by filing the edges pointed and giving a soft curve at the tip exactly like an almond.

Here is the video showing how to file an almond nail shape for perfection.


Oval nails give a natural look to your hand. They are simple and yet so elegant.
It is pretty easy to achieve oval nails just by keeping the edges straight and the tip curved.
They also make your fingers look elongated and slim. You can go for these as they go along well with every style.

For a detailed step, you may refer to the video below.


Stiletto nails are quite popular. You must have noticed most of the celebs with these nails. These nails are nothing but a more stylish version of almond nails.

You file the nails pointed from the base to the tip.

You may avoid these nails if you are into household work or any chaotic work as they are not very convenient.

How to choose your perfect shape

When there is a pound full of options you must keep some factors in your mind before making your decision.
Go through the list:

Length of fingers

The choice of your nail shape should depend on the length of your fingers. Choose a shape of the suit perfectly for your fingers and not make it look too short or too long.

Your lifestyle

This might sound a little weird to you but it’s an important point to consider while choosing a nail shape. It’s preferred to go for a simple shape like oval or round if you have a hectic schedule or you do household chores. Whereas, if your lifestyle is a little classy or glam, go for OTT shapes like almond or stiletto.


A coffin nail will be your good partner on a date. Keep the occasion in mind whenever you are choosing a nail shape as it will make you stand out on the particular event. A wrong choice of a nail can portray a wrong image of yours. So be sure.

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