Can I get eyelash extensions while pregnant?

When you are expecting and getting ready to bring a new life to the world a lot of things will make you restless and mothers tend to be cautious especially new mothers. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to engage in something that could harm both the baby and the mother. 


Pregnancy is a period of stress, cautiousness and for many, insecurity. Wanting to look beautiful, when people put out their opinion on how fat you are for a pregnant woman or how you are not fat enough to be pregnant can tick you off making you want to yell and cry at the same time because with all the pressure your body and mind get unwanted opinion is not helping one in any way. People also tend to take a lot of photos during pregnancy to keep the sweet memories so that you can gush over them in the future. 


So you would want to look more beautiful than you already are, putting makeup on won’t worry you because you know your product, but what about eyelash extensions done in a salon, it might worry you now since you are pregnant and have to think about the baby.


You can get your eyelash extensions done after getting permission from your doctor, just ask them if it is okay and make sure you visit a professional lash studio or lash tech to get it done, no risks are to be taken just to save money.


Why is getting your eyelashes done a worry for to be parents?


  • The fumes emitted from the adhesive while getting your eyelash extension is one of the main causes of worry. 
  • Lying on their back for a long time is not comfortable or safe, and eyelash extension may take up to 2 hours.
  • And presently in this pandemic, one has to be on the lookout for the coronavirus that has been wreaking havoc for 2 years now. Getting infected during pregnancy is extremely risky, especially with highly lethal viruses.

What steps can one take to avoid any mishap or risk while getting your lashes done?


Now the most important step is to make sure you take permission from your doctor before setting an appointment with your lash technician. A doctor’s nod goes a long way when it comes to safety.  


To avoid any difficulties or discomfort during the session, instead of laying down till the session ends it is better to ask the technician before getting started on your lashes to give you a break in between each brow. The session will be longer than usual so make sure to inform the parlour so that they can schedule their day according to that. Also, put a pillow under your legs or spine or anywhere that is comfortable to you, make use of heat packs to prevent cramps if necessary.


Another solution to the trouble of laying down for a long time would be to lie on your side with your head straight during the extension procedure, but even this posture cannot be held for a long time as it is not safe to do so. Make sure to ask your lash tech to keep the chair at an incline based on your comfort because your comfort is the priority.


Also to reduce the session time one can also opt to get pre fanned lashes to save time, even though they are expensive. This will reduce the full set application time to almost half. During the last trimesters, i.e during later stages of pregnancy you may require to visit the restroom more frequently. Make sure you have provisions for this in the studio/parlour.


In case of using glue, make sure that you do a patch test before getting your lashes done to check if you have any allergies to the adhesive used (this is a must in case it is your first time getting your lashes done). If you haven’t done eyelash extensions before this we don’t recommend experimenting during your pregnancy.  


If the technician is using an adhesive with a strong smell, make sure the room is properly ventilated. It is recommended to use gentle adhesive for eyelash extension on pregnant women because one will inhale some of the fumes as the process is done in the eyes. Keeping the room ventilated will prevent the client and technicians from feeling stuffy and many pregnant women are sensitive to smell. 


Also, make sure to inform your lash tech that you are pregnant instead of waiting for them to figure out their own and ask you because some may not pop the question because it is impolite to do so. Once you inform them, they will take extra care while working on your lashes and will use gentle glues like Lily glue or Advanced glue instead of using adhesives that consist of formaldehyde(which is the one that produces fumes during the extension process). Make sure the glue used is fresh, don’t use expired products on anybody even if the client is not pregnant. Ask your beautician to keep anti-allergy gel nearby just in case.



It is also important to make sure that the lash tech who is doing your extension procedure and the lash studio is sterilized and sanitary, especially during the pandemic. So if you are in the last trimester try to reduce your parlour visit, even if you look dishevelled in photos without perfect eyelashes nobody has any right to judge you.


Lastly to lash techs, please be patient with your pregnant clients and make sure your hands are sanitized and that you are wearing a mask, you are taking care of two people with a high risk of getting infected. Thoroughly explain to them any risk including allergic reactions. make the client go through a patch test no matter how familiar you are with them. If possible make sure to get your client to sign a waiver. If possible, introduce alternative options like lash growth serum in place of extensions. Make them feel at ease and give them that lengthy and healthy lashes. 

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