Can unopened mascara expire? How long does it last?

We have a lot of makeup products and we always doubt how long it will last. If you have n number of products then you might have some products that are not even opened yet.

Talking about mascara, can unopened mascara expire?

An unopened mascara has a shelf life of more than 2-3 years if kept in a cool and dry place. Any makeup product stored properly has a minimum shelf life of 2 years. However, an expiration date is always mentioned on the product.

If your product was not properly sealed or you have even a little doubt regarding the packaging then avoid using it, to prevent any adverse effects.


How long does unopened mascara last?

An unopened mascara can also expire if not stored properly or it crosses the shelf life of 3-4 years.

Every product has an expiration date mentioned on its packaging.

If by chance the expiration date is not mentioned then keep in mind that an unopened mascara can last up to 2-3 years under the condition that it is packed and sealed properly.

If you have a natural product that is organic and contains no preservatives then it can expire before you think.

Preservatives make any product last long. They are chemical substances that lack organic or natural makeup products. Hence, their life is not that long.

You can notice a symbol “M” which is the period of opening and the day it will expire after that period is mentioned on the label.


Can Mascara dry out even without opening?

No! an unopened mascara can never dry out if unopened.

Mascara or any other product can only dry out when they are in contact with air.

And a sealed mascara has no passage for air to enter.

If you find that your mascara has dried even if it was sealed then there is only one possibility and that is that your mascara was not packed properly.

Despite this, you should not keep your unopened mascara for more than 3years.


What happens when your mascara expires?

An open jar image should be stamped on all maquillages, followed by a number of the letter M.

The symbol for that period after opening (PAO) indicates how many months the product will expire after opening. Remembering which month, you opened it around is helpful.

Once the mascara is opened its shelf life is decreased and it cannot last as long as an unopened one. And if by mistake you leave it opened for a longer period or do not store it properly then you may end up destroying your mascara.

The first thing which happens to an expired mascara is that it smells bad. You must be familiar with the original smell of mascara. Any weird kind of smell is a sign of expired mascara.

Secondly, you look for any color changes in the product that might have happened due to oxidation and also because of the expiration of the product.

You can touch and feel the texture of your mascara if it feels different then kindly throw the mascara right away these are the clear sign of expiry products.

Here is the video, it will explain you about expire makeup products.

How to store mascara properly?

The best way to store your mascara is to close it tightly after every use and keep it in a cool and dry place like your fridge. If your product is still not opened then also you should store it in a cool place away from heat and moisture.

There are a couple of mini refrigerators available which are built to keep your makeup products. You can buy one of them to store it.


How risky is it to use an expired mascara?

Do not even think of trying an expired product on your face as it can be riskier than you think.

You can even end up losing your eye.

There can be some effects like itching, burning, acne, red-eye as scary as losing eyesight so even if you are in a little bit of doubt do not use the product.

Final words

Mascara lasts long but this doesn’t mean to hold that product for too long. replacing yours should best be every 3 months.

If you use it longer, your mascara will flake on your face (or worse, your eye), and will not yield your desired result.

Your eyelashes are designed to protect your eyes and prevent air and environmental contaminants and particles from entering.

So, do not take the risk.

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