Can hairspray be used as setting spray for makeup?

A lot of hacks and tricks have been scattered over the internet. Every next person has come with an alternative for one product. But not everything you see on the internet is safe for use. Even if the formula is the same, always do prior research before using it.

There are a lot of weird makeup experiments going on online and keeping that in mind let’s answer –

Can hairspray be used as a setting spray for makeup?

Hairspray can be used as setting spray, but it should not be used as one. Setting spray and hairspray works the same but for different areas. Hairspray contains glue and alcohol that is not good for skin. And this can get very harmful.

There are a couple of setting sprays available in the market. You can even get good alternatives for that too so why risk it.


Can hairspray be used as setting spray for makeup?

Hairspray can be used for setting spray but it should not be used. Many drag queens have used it earlier but it destroys their skin. There is a reason why there are two different products to set hair and face.

Our hair and face both have different texture and both are allergic to one or the other thing.

Just the way using a face oil on hair is not effective, similarly you should not use a hairspray on your face.

Hair spray is made up of harsh glue and alcohol which you generally avoid using on face.

Hairspray contains several chemicals and toxins that are not safe to use on your skin.

For example, hairspray can cause rashes, irritation, and clogged pores.

Setting spray does not contain such harsh chemicals.

It is not only bad for your skin but extremely harmful for your eyes.

Some experts have even claimed that hairspray is not good for the health of hair, so how can you use it on your face?

It can lead to several skin problems like redness, acne, irritation.

Also, there are so many high-end products that don’t even require setting spray to fix the makeup.

In this scenario we think that hairspray should not be used as setting spray.


How does hairspray actually work?

Hairspray is used to set your hairstyle, increase volume, texture and keep away fly away when you spray hairspray on to your hairstyle the polymers present in it lock the texture of the hairstyle.

Using excess hairspray may lower the impact of your hairstyle by making it dull. To avoid this, use a hairspray that contains Vitamin E, panthenol.

Hairspray works best when you use it a little away from the hairline. This avoids unnecessary build-ups and excess product from going into your hair. You need only a small amount of that product to fix your hairstyle.

Nowadays, experts have also found out different ways to apply hairspray like applying hairspray through a brush. Well, you need to let the hairspray dry completely first.

Hairspray works well only when applied correctly, read further to know more.


What are Alternatives to setting spray?

If you don’t have setting spray then here are some safe options to go for.

1. Use a primer

Primer is that product which keeps your makeup in place and you don’t actually need a setting spray after it.

It makes your makeup long-lasting and gives you makeup a perfect smooth base. It will prevent your makeup from melting down.

2. Spray some rose water

Spraying rose water is the safest way of setting makeup. Use a little bit of rose water and you are done.

Isn’t it easy? Rose water is also very cost effective.

3. Rubbing ice before makeup

Ice has been proven to help to make the makeup stay longer.

Many makeup artists and celebrities use ice before doing makeup.

Ice is also helpful for skin and hence, it is safe.

4. Using water-proof and sweat proof makeup

In my eyes this is the best solution if you don’t want to use setting spray.

A lot of sweat-proof and water proof makeup is available in the market which does not require any setting spray.

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