Are wax based foundations good for skin? Pros and cons and how to use it.

Makeup industry is taking a leap every year. One product has so many types for every skin type and shades and textures. One of the OG of makeup Is foundation which is available in so many types. Sometimes many options lead to confusion.

Let’s talk about a new obsession in the industry that is wax foundations.

Is wax based foundation good for skin?

Wax based foundations are very good for skin. These foundations are mostly waterproof and also prevent your skin from drying out. This is one of those cosmetic products that is good for skin.

Now you know why everyone is obsessed with this product.

Many of the high-end brands sell wax-based foundations and there is nothing that can stop you from using it.


What is a wax based foundation?

Wax-based foundation is the best foundation one can use on their face.

Foundation is one of the most important products of makeup which should be of the best quality and should have most of the features in it.

It directly applied on skin which puts more pressure on us to choose the best out of it.

As the names suggest wax-based foundations have wax.

Wax is very effective when it comes to locking sweat and dryness.

Many popular brands like L’oreal, Este lauder, sugar, Maybelline, Clinique provide you with such foundations.


How to use wax-based foundation?

Here is a correct way to use wax-based foundation: –

Prep your face

Clean your face using a cleanser and apply moisturizer over it. This is a very important part of your makeup routine. Prepping your skin before makeup enhances your look.

Warm your product

Before applying the product on the face, warm it up on the back of your hand. This activates the product and it glides smoothly on the skin.

Use a tool to apply foundation

You can either use a brush or a beauty blender to apply foundation on your skin. You can also use your fingers to apply it on your foundation.

If you are using a sponge then dab it in water and then use it on your face. In case of fingers make sure it is clean.

Start from center

Start applying the foundation from the centre and then head to the extreme ends.

Do not stretch and apply easily dab and apply for perfect blending.

Blend it till finishing

Blend your product till it looks even from all the sides.

If it is uneven, you can take more of the product and blend it till it’s perfect.

Here is the video, explaining Wax Based Foundation


Pros of using wax-based foundation

Here are a few amazing reasons why you should choose a wax-based foundation.

1. Gives you a perfect look

Wax foundation gives you a natural look which makes you feel confident among other people.

The foundation looks so perfect on the skin that it looks natural and make you look so beautiful.

2. It makes you look younger

Wax foundation provides full coverage on the face which hides all the fine lines and make you look younger than you are.

Ever wondered how Korean people look so young it is because the use wax foundation.

3. Wax foundation is waterproof

What else do you need if you get a foundation that is water proof. A waterproof makeup is long lasting which is the cost effective for you.


Cons of using a wax-based foundation

Here are few disadvantages of using a wax-based foundation-

1. Costly

Wax foundation is very effective but it can be hard on your pockets as well.

Wax foundations are only available on high end stores and that is why it makes them expensive.

However, it is such a nice product that you wont mind spending that much on it.

2. Skin allergies

If you have sensitive then some skin allergies may happen as this foundation is directly applied on to your skin.

This too is possible in very rare cases so it is better to consult a dermatologist before buying one.

3. It can be a habit

Some physiological changes will likely occur when the wax base foundation is used on a regular basis.

This leads to a decline in self confidence in your head, which feels naked without color.

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