Which comes first the sunscreen or the primer?

Doing skincare is an important part of your routine but, then it is effective only when you use them in an appropriate order. Using skincare products in wring order will make either not show you effective results or show some inverse results.

For example, what if you use toner before cleanser? Sounds weird right? Similarly, there are so many products which you are using in the wrong order. Understanding chronology is important when it comes to skincare or makeup.

So, sometimes we have a couple of products that create confusion in our mind regarding their order of usage.

Keeping that in mind what people are most likely to get confused about is Which comes first, the sunscreen or the primer?

Sunscreen is applied first and then comes the primer. Always use sunscreen over your cleansed face and then after a while apply your face primer. You cannot reverse this process. it should always be applied in this manner only.

Both the sunscreen and primer have their properties and that is why they have to apply in this chronology.


Should I apply sunscreen before primer?

Yes, you should always apply sunscreen before primer.

To protect your skin from sunburn and tanning you need to apply sunscreen before you head on to the primer. Apply a generous layer of sunscreen to your clear skin.

The reason why sunscreen is applied on clear skin is to let the sunscreen penetrate your pores and protect them from UV rays.

If by any chance you apply primer before sunscreen it will lock all your pores and sunscreen won’t be able to protect your skin.

Sunscreen and makeup should not be applied one over the other. Foundation contains pigment that weakens the properties of sunscreen.


Should I apply primer before sunscreen?

The primer should be applied after sunscreen. After applying sunscreen, you want a barrier between your makeup base and sunblock crème.

Primer acts as a hat barrier and keeps makeup as well as sunscreen in its place. Choosing a sweatproof and waterproof will be a better option to kill the heat.

Another reason to apply it over sunscreen is that it glides very smoothly and does not crumble. Apply sunscreen and let it sit for a few minutes and then gently apply primer over your face.


Will an SPF primer replace sunscreen?

I am sure you must have come across several products that claim that are SPF proofed and amongst them there is also SPF primer.

SPF primer is better than a normal primer but unfortunately, it can’t replace sunscreen.

A premier will still work as a primer with some protective qualities but if you compare it with sunscreen, it is not the one. It is better to apply sunscreen before primer.


Can I wear sunscreen every day?

Yes, you can use sunscreen everyday. Experts say that you should apply sunscreen every day.

Sunscreen should be a part of your makeup as well as your skincare routine.

Sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays and getting your face tanned.

That is why you should use it every day.

Can I skip applying primer while applying makeup?

If you are in a situation where you do not have primer or some other reasons you can skip applying primer but this will not be a good choice.

Primer helps in providing you a smooth base on which the foundation glides perfectly.

It also acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup.

Primer makes your make to last long as well. You don’t have a good reason to skip the primer.

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