Can you put regular nail polish over gel nails?

Gel nails look so fabulous on hands, they make your nails look so classy and elegant. Gel nails last up to two-three weeks which means that your hands will have the same color and pattern throughout the time.

In between that period, you might want to try something else or you want to change the color according to your occasion or dress. Gel nails can also get chapped and lose their shine and color if you do not take good care of them.

In that case, you might get a doubt that can you use nail polish over gel nails? The answer is yes! You can put nail polish over gel nails. But it may not end up as good as a manicure and might not look attractive.

The texture of a gel nail is quite different from that of nail polish which might make your hands look weird and lose the class. If you apply the nail polish correctly it can cover it for you.

Using gel nail polish will be a better choice for you for a perfect finish and to get a perfect effect on gel nails.

What are gel nails and how is it applied?

Gel nails are classy and a statement for your hand. They are durable than many manicures and are. It is safe and adds a protective layer to your natural nails.

Gel nails are a three-step manicure that consists of gel nail polish and is fixed or dried with the help of UV rays or LED lamps. Several coatings of gel polishes are applied to desired results.

It is quite simple to apply gel nails.

  • Your nails are prepared before the application of your nails. they are filed according to your desired shape. Round, square, oval, etc. after that cuticle oil is applied to your fingers, and cuticles are pushed back
  • Next, the first layer of the base coat is applied. This layer is purposely kept thin and then dried with the use of UV rays and a Led Lamp.
  • When the basecoat is dried perfectly, the color gel is applied. This layer is also as thin as the first one. Each layer is cured with UV rays.
  • Now the last layer of color gel is applied very smoothly and with perfection and is dried the same way
    After that, all the excess is removed and your hands are cleaned from all the sides. And voila! You’re done!

If you want to try applying gel nails at your home you can check out this video by Jessica Angelique Matini

How to apply nail polish over gel nails.

If you have got gel nails done and are bored of the present color or you’ve loosened the shine and the color of the nails then what to do? Can you apply nail polish over gel nails? Of Course yes! Just be a little careful.

When you sit down to apply nail polish just remember that it can’t be as aesthetic as gel nails because of different textures.

You can directly apply a thin coat of nail polish of your choice over gel nails and let it dry. Make sure you apply layer by layer. Do

not apply thick layers of nail polish as it can make your nails look thick and unnatural.

If you are applying gel nail polish then you’ll be needing UV light.

How long should you wait to get another gel manicure?

The short answer is 4 to 6 weeks. If you get your gel manicures back-to-back it can make your nails dehydrated and lose their health.

A manicure involves a lot of chemicals infused products on your nails which results in making your nails weak and brittle.

Waiting for 4 to 6 weeks is important. Gel nails themselves last for 2-3 weeks depending on how you maintain them and even if you want to change your color you can apply nail polish on it. With so many other options I don’t see the need of getting a gel manicure as soon as 4 weeks.

Your nails need time to recover. Give them that waiting period for healthy growth.


How to maintain gel nails?

Now that you know that you can get manicures every week it is better if you maintain your gel nails. Maintaining gel nails is very simple.

You just have to apply a few things and avoid some.

Apply cuticle oil

It is important to apply cuticle oil every night before going to bed. Dry nails may affect the color of your gel nails and irritate them. Cuticle oil helps in regaining the natural oils of the nails and helps the nail to grow fast and remain hydrated.


Filing is only important when it gets sharp or you need to change the shape. Do not file them unnecessarily. Filing may ruin your gel nails and your nails will end up looking ugly. Even if you want to file it gently downwards.

Use gloves for manicures

Using gloves can save any of your manicures. It is also a good habit to wear gloves while washing utensils or doing household chores. Gloves prevent the nails from breaking and also reduces the chances to get dry.

Moisturize you nails

Moisturize your nails as much as possible. When you apply any kind of fake nails your natural nails require moisturizing. It is advised to moisturize every day before sleep for the durability of your nails.

Avoid chlorine water

Chlorine washes off your nail color. So after getting out of the swimming pool make sure there is no chlorine left on your hand. Else, try to avoid going to the pools with fake nails.

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