How to get ink off acrylic nails?

A lot of women are acrylic nail fans as these nails make you look classy and stylish. Every second woman in a nail salon demands acrylic nails.

Though acrylic nails are very classy girls do face a majority of problems after that. One of the problems is ink stains. Stains are natural when you have nails on as you just can’t sit ideal without using your fingers.

But there is news for relief for you as these are several ways to get ink stains off your nails.

You can get ink off acrylic nails by acetone, perfume, hairspray, or just by coating a layer of nail paint. If none of this works then, unfortunately, you will have to get the manicure done again.

Do not try each one of them at the same time, it may rip off your color. Try the one whom you find the most convenient.

Here are all the ways explained step by step.

How to get ink off acrylic nails?

Acetone or alcohol

Things you need:

  • Cotton swab
  • Acetone/alcohol

Take your acetone or alcohol and dip the cotton swab in it. make sure that the swab soaks maximum product in it.

Now, carefully rub it on the ink stain. Keep this process gentle as you only have to wipe the stain, not the color.

And you are done. This is an effective method and works for all.


Perfume is just an alternative to the above-mentioned method.

You have to follow the Same steps like taking a little amount of perfume on a cotton swab and next rub it gently to take off the ink.

Do not overdo it. Perfume contains isopropyl alcohol which helps in removing the stain. You can use any kind of perfume and this method works.


You need hairspray and cloth for this one. Spray a good amount of hairspray on a fabric. The cloth is the perfect object as it will absorb all the hairspray.

After spraying the hairspray on the cloth, you can rub it over the stain. Keep rubbing it till your stain lightens.

Hairspray is surprisingly the most accurate method to remove ink stains.


In this method, all you have to do is scrub a little bit of toothpaste onto your nails.
If scrubbing does not show the expected result try keeping it for 1-2 minutes. This method might not be as useful as the rest of the ways.
You can try this way without any fear as the toothpaste doesn’t have any side effects.

Here is the video, which guide you, How to remove Acrylic Nail at Home.


Every method above may work well however, you should get a new one if you want the same shine or elegance.
Nails may lose their color or shine during the removal of ink stain so be careful while performing any of these methods.

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