Elf vs Nyx cosmetics. Which is better?

In this article, we will delve deeper to explore and understand each of these top-notch cosmetics brands while we try to clinch which one is better, Elf or Nyx Cosmetics.


What is the Elf Cosmetics brand? Who founded it?

Based in California in America, Elf Cosmetics is a prominent brand that deals in cosmetics internationally. It was launched in 2004 by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba. 


What does the name stand for? What does Elf Cosmetics deal with?

E.l.f. stands for Eyes, Lips and Face. Elf Cosmetics deal with skincare, makeup and beauty products which includes bronzers, contours, foundation, makeup brushes, lip glosses, lipsticks and a lot more products.


What is Elf Cosmetics famous for?

Elf Cosmetics is known for its affordable line of products. The eyeshadows that Elf Cosmetics sell are in great demand and they are available in an assortment of a variety of colours as well as shades. You can choose your preferred tones, colours and textures from among Elf Cosmetics eyeshadows.


Is Elf Cosmetics good quality?

Considering Elf Cosmetics quality, it comes to us as a surprise that their quality is deemed and seemingly too good if we compare the reasonable or cheap prices they sell their products for. Thus, the truth is : Elf Cosmetics are inexpensive, hence proving that a good quality product necessarily does not need to have a high end price.


Are Elf Cosmetic products safe to use?

Evidently, Elf Cosmetic products are principally branded as makeup products with low toxin levels.There have been no records of skin infection, rashes or any sort of irritation due to use of Elf Cosmetics products. Alluding to the affordability of the products, Elf Cosmetics are safe to use compared to high end brands like Sephora and NARS. 


What is Nyx Cosmetics brand? Who started it and how did it start?

Nyx Brand is an America based cosmetics company that rose to popularity since its launch in the year 1999 and it sells its products in more than 70 countries.

Toni Ko began Nyx Cosmetics in Los Angeles and it started off as a subsidiary of one of the largest cosmetic brands, Loreal.


What does Nyx stand for? What does Nyx Cosmetics deal with?

In Greek, Nyx stands for Goddess of Night. Basically, Nyx Cosmetics make profits by selling eye makeup palettes, colour correcting concealers, contours, highlighters, glosses among many others.


What is Nyx Cosmetics famous for?

Rich pigmented coloured Eyeshadow palettes from Nyx Cosmetic brand steals the show to win acclamation across the globe. Even the eye pencils from Nyx Cosmetics manufacture enhance their marketability.


Is Nyx Cosmetics good quality?

Well, NYX Cosmetics has been able to garner a pool of loyal customers because of their good quality products besides offering middle range prices on their items. NYX is conceivably offering a tough competition to the luxurious brands in terms of quality check. So, yes you should definitely try good quality products by NYX Cosmetics at affordable ranges. 


Are Nyx products safe to use?

Indeed, as Nyx makeup products are promoted by the company as cruelty free, they are safe to use if compared to high end makeup brands like NARS, Benefit and MAC. Howbeit, if you happen to face any sort of allergic reaction or infections, it is better to discontinue using that product. It should be a priority to look at the ingredients of the product before buying.


How do NYX Cosmetics compare to Elf Cosmetics?

Here, we are going to look in a detailed way at the various categories in which Nyx Cosmetics and Elf Cosmetics differ from one another.

NYX CosmeticsElf Cosmetics
1. Availability: Nyx Cosmetics is readily available in almost all drugstores and departmental stores. 1. Availability: Elf Cosmetics products are not sold in every store. However, Target stocks them. 
2. Price: NYX Cosmetics sells products that are budget friendly while comparing to luxurious brands.2. Price: Elf Cosmetics has been able to gain popularity in the market due to its cheap price range as compared to NYX Cosmetics and others.
3. Pigmentation: NYX’s eyeshadows and lip colours are pigmented, rich and blends really well in one go.3. Pigmentation: Although eyeshadow palettes from Elf Cosmetics are cheaper yet the color payoff is less than NYX’s eyeshadow shades.
4. Best use: NYX Cosmetics products are preferred for wearing occasionally yet there is no hard and fast rule like they cannot be worn for daily use.4. Best use: Elf Cosmetics are favoured for daily wear, especially by the teenagers, as the tones are subtle which makes it comfortable to wear it everyday.
5. Paraben Free: NYX is not completely paraben free although it claims to be. Some of the products contain parabens. In addition, they use a carcinogenic chemical, Butylated Hydroxinasole or BHA.5. Paraben Free: Elf is certified as paraben free and it even fulfils FDA requirements.
6.Vegan: The makeup products manufactured by NYX Cosmetics are not vegan as some of them contain ingredients such as beeswax, carmine and animal based ingredients.6. Vegan: Elf Cosmetics prefers to keep its products vegan.

Are Nyx Cosmetics and Elf Cosmetics cruelty free?


Both of these leading cosmetic brands, NYX and Elf Cosmetics, have confirmed that they manufacture and sell products which are 100% cruelty free.They do not test their products or any ingredients on animals. Also, they do not sell their makeup and personal care products in regions where animal testing for imported products is necessary.


Which one is better: Elf Cosmetics or Nyx Cosmetics? 


To conclude, I have come up with two viewpoints:


  1. Elf Cosmetics is better than Nyx Cosmetics in terms of price as it lets you try an array of products at a cheaper price. Go on and experiment with their products along with building a collection.


  1. NYX Cosmetics is better than Elf Cosmetics if you consider the richness, textures, formulas, varieties and quality of their products. That is why people reveal that NYX Cosmetic’s hype is worth it.  


Now you can choose the best for you according to your preference.

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