Hair Serum vs Leave in Conditioner: Which is better?

Everyone is on the lookout for instant hairstyling and nourishing products. Those which give you a natural shine should have a great impact on your dry or frizzy hair. Leave-in conditioners have the same effects on the hair.

Meanwhile, hair serum was introduced as a leave-on product that cares for dry or frizzy hair. It also gives a natural glow to the hair strands. Now let us look at the difference between the two to better understand their effectiveness.

Hair serum vs Leave-in conditioner

  • Leave-in conditioners are generally involved in providing enough lubrication to entangle your hair.
  • Hair serums care for split-ends and get rid of them with frequent use. 
  • You can sleep in with leave-in conditioners to lock in the moisture and wake up to nourished hair.
  • Hair serums can be used for specific hair types. Depending on the structure of your hair, get the right hair serum.
  • Leave-in conditioners have a major impact on the strength of your hair. It is essential if your hair is in its weakest condition.
  • Hair serums can be used frequently, however, if you find it causing your hair to be too oily, then reduce the frequency of use.

What does the leave-in conditioner do to the hair?

The leave-in conditioner is applied instead of the normal conditioner. However, unlike the normal one, you can leave it on dry hair and need not wash it off. 

There are several benefits associated with the leave-in conditioner. And they work just like hair creams. If you are concerned about the effect of conditioners on your hair, take a look at the various benefits that make it ideal for different hair types. 

Benefits of leave-in conditioner

Here are the benefits of leave-in conditioners. 

  • Leave-in conditioners are great for taming frizzy hair that comes along after a thorough shower with shampoo.
  • If you have curly hair, then this is the right product to maintain the texture of your hair. Since curly hair tends to be more prone to frizzy hair, a leave-in conditioner can make a huge difference by avoiding that.
  • Leave-in conditioners help in protecting dyes hair strands and bleached hair. It maintains the color for a longer time.
  • These are effective in removing the tangles of your hair. After drying wet hair, you are sure to come face-to-face with extreme tangles. Hair serum is the solution for such situations. 
  • If your hair has been damaged due to harsh chemicals, then it would require gentle care and moisture. Several leave-in products offer the right nourishment without over-exploiting the ingredients. 
  • Too many products for your hair means too much stress on the hair shaft. When your hair is exhausted after all that, just apply some leave-in conditioner. It would do wonders and bring back the energy into your hair.
  • There are leave-in conditioners for almost all hair types and hair conditions. These are especially beneficial for low porosity hairs that are quite stubborn to take in nourishments from other hair care products. 

What’s the difference between a leave-in conditioner and a regular conditioner?

Leave-in conditioners can be applied on dry hair after a shower, and need not be washed off. You can apply it overnight or any other time as per your convenience. 

What happens if you use a leave-in conditioner every day?

No, you do not have to use a leave-in conditioner every day. This product is meant as a last resort. When other products have been overused on your hair strands, you can choose the leave-in conditioner to rejuvenate the hair. 

So a one-time application would be more than enough for your hair.

What is a hair serum?

Hair serum is another hair care product that caters to the styling, straightening, and nourishing needs of your hair. With natural ingredients such as almond oil, these are great for taming frizzy hair and giving your hair a last-minute touch-up.

What does a hair serum do to your hair?

This product coats a layer of oil onto the hair strands and makes them more manageable and shiny. Even if your hair looks dull, hair serums will get them looking fresh and healthy.

Let us look at some other benefits. 

Benefits of hair serum

  • Firstly, they import shine and smooth texture to your hair strand. 
  • The oil present in this product does not make your hair feel greasy or sticky. 
  • They help in reducing and taming frizzy hair. 
  • Hair serum is a great choice for preventing split-ends. 
  • They also allow the hair follicles to grow healthily. (however, it does not naturally induce any growth in the hair).
  • Hair serum helps in protecting the hair against environmental pollution.
  • They moisturize the hair and nourish it with rich ingredients. The best hair serums have argan oil and similar natural ingredients along with other contents. 
  • You can use this product to straighten your hair.


It is tricky to decide whether to include a leave-in conditioner, especially when there are plenty of other options available. Expert advice would be to prioritize the leave-in conditioner and try it at least once for your hair. 

Not all hair types might endure too much product use. Certain hair cannot survive without a moisturizer. Such hair types are simply exhausted from too many artificial ingredients. These would benefit from leave-in conditioners.

Hair serum is great for quick freshening of your hair. There are many hair serum recipes that you could employ to create natural serums for your hair type.


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