How many times can you fill acrylic nails before replacing tips?

Acrylic nails are long-lasting, durable, and overall a far better option than traditional polish manicures. But the acrylic nails need to get filled when your natural nails underneath start to grow.

There’s no definite answer on how many times you can refill them before replacing the tips. It all depends on the growth rate of your nails. Usually, one should go for infills once every two weeks. Hence, you can fill your acrylic nails around 3- 4 times before replacing tips.

How many infills can you get before a new set?

If you protect and take good care of your acrylic nails, you can keep getting infills as many times as you want. But keeping the nails for a long time may give rise to fungus and infection. And this is when you must stop getting infills and opt for a new set.

Apart from infections, in due time, the acrylic nails will start to chip on the tips and get scratches. Plus, the strength of the glue will weaken, and the nails will fall off eventually.

But as long as they are intact and healthy, you can fill the acrylic nails every two to three weeks before going for a new set.

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How Often Should You Get A New Set Of Acrylic Nails?

A set of acrylic nails can last for six to eight weeks if taken good care of. So you can go for a new set every two months. However, this is not mandatory. If you feel your acrylic nails are doing well for more than this given timeline, you can choose not to do it. Only go for a new set if the nails have been damaged.

Should I get a fill or a new set?

Getting a new set is an expensive process which is why the concept of infills exists. When a gap starts to show between your cuticles and the acrylic coverage, fill them up instead of completely discarding them and going for a new set. Typically, you need a new set in every sex-eight weeks and an infill every two weeks.

How to protect and care for acrylic nails?

Here are some top ways you can extend the longevity of your acrylic nails

1. Be gentle with the nails

Avoid doing things that have high chances of damaging or breaking your nails, such as lifting heavy objects, smashing nails against hard surfaces, and more. When the situation fits, try to wear gloves instead of your bare hands. For instance, when cleaning the dishes.

2. Use cuticle oil

Dry and damaged cuticles can damage the acrylic nails. Hence, you must always keep them well-moisturized by using cuticle oil. Look for one that contains natural ingredients. As an alternative, you can also use any moisturizer or hand cream.

3. Apply clear topcoat

For touch-ups, you should use a layer of a clear topcoat on your nails between the fill-in appointments. It will prevent the chipping of the nail polish.

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