Is bare minerals non comedogenic?

Due to the current atmosphere, everything we put on our skin causes acne and breakouts and if you’re someone that has acne-prone skin then it is not less than a nightmare. In that case what helps us are the non-comedogenic makeup.

Many of your favorite makeup brands claim to be non-comedogenic. One of them is Bare Minerals.

Is Bare Minerals non-comedogenic?

Yes, bare Minerals is non-comedogenic. However, not all products fall in this category. Bare Minerals foundation is non-comedogenic which is also their bestseller. It means that it won’t cause any acne or breakouts. It is safe for people with oily and acne-prone skin.

What are non-comedogenic products and why should I use them?

Non-comedogenic products are the ones that avoid your skin from future acne which you may get from certain products. They are safe to use products and do not cause any irritation on the skin.

Makeup products that are mostly supposed to be applied all over the skin are found to be non-comedogenic. Such products are more likely to cause breakouts and skin irritation, perhaps they are made comedogenic to prevent any kind of skin problems.

Non-comedogenic works best on oily and acne-prone skin. If you are someone suffering from these kinds of skin problems, switch to non-comedogenic products for safe and better use.


Bare Minerals products that are non-comedogenic

Here is a list of bare Minerals products that are non-comedogenic.

1. ORIGINAL loose mineral foundation

The foundation has been in the market for more than 25 years and since then it has been proven to give you smooth skin which doesn’t cause irritation. The texture of this foundation is something to crave for. This foundation is made out of 5 natural mineral ingredients which makes it full coverage without causing any breakouts and acne.

2. ORIGINAL liquid mineral foundation

This one is for those who prefer liquid mineral foundation and also have acne-prone and sensitive skin. The foundation has a very crème texture that glides perfectly onto your skin and provides you an illuminating face. As soon as you apply this foundation it instantly covers your large pores and makes your face look fresh and brighter.

3. ORIGINAL liquid mineral concealer

Liquid mineral concealer is amongst the newest products of bare Minerals. This product is not only non-comedogenic but also vegan. This is available in 12 different shades. Isn’t it cool? The concealer will protect you from any future acne and leave your skin as beautiful as it was.

4. BAREPRO glow highlighter

Just like foundations and concealers, we apply a highlighter on most parts of our face to highlight our highest point. Keeping that in mind this product is made to protect you from any kind of irritation. The weightless highlighter is available in four different shades. Due to the fantastic mineral lock quality, this product stays in its place for more than 16 hours.

5- GOOD HYDRATION silky face primer

Primer is the first base for your makeup hence, it needs to be highly protective in nature. Bare Minerals silky face primer is a non-comedogenic primer that keeps the skin hydrated for a longer period. It also covers your large pores and prevents any products from penetrating into your skin.


How to identify non-comedogenic products?

Once you learn to identify these products then you won’t make any mistakes. It is always a smart move to learn how to identify different products. Here is how you can do it.

Look at the label

Most of the brands mention clearly on the label of the product that the product is non-comedogenic or not.

You can purchase the product by looking into it. A brand like bare Minerals mentions it in the label of the products itself which makes it easier for the consumers to purchase it.

Look in the description

Many times, the brand does not mention all of its features in the label but in the description.

If you are buying the product online you will find a description regarding the product. If the product is non-comedogenic then it would be mentioned in the description.

Look into the ingredients

If the product does not contain any detail about being non-comedogenic in the description or in the label then at last you have to look for the ingredients that are non-comedogenic.

benzoyl peroxide resorcinol salicylic acid sulfur are some of the ingredients that are good for acne. Any product containing these is a non-comedogenic product.

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