Is Milani cruelty free?

Milani, a cosmetics brand founded in the year 2001, stands for quality, diversity. They have face makeup, eye makeup, skincare, lipstick and a full range of products of high quality.


Now to answer your question – 


Is Milani cruelty free?


Yes Milani is a cruelty-free brand and is certified by PETA. 

Neither of Milani’s products nor ingredients is tested on animals and they do not allow third-parties or their suppliers to test on animals. They also do not sell their products in mainland China or any other country where animal testing is required by law. So you can rest assured and glam up using Milani’s products.


Are Milani’s products Vegan?


Though the company is cruelty-free, if you are reluctant to use non-vegan products then you must be careful while using them because although Milani does offer vegan products, not all of their products are vegan. 


Though there is no particular definition for the term ‘vegan’ it is usually used in this context to inform the consumers that the product they are using does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or any common animal products instead they are replaced by synthetic or plant derivatives.


What are some of Milani’s Vegan Products?


Their vegan products are marked as so on the website, below are some of their vegan products:


  •    Highly pigmented and highly buildable blushes with satin and shimmery shades.
  • They have been sun-baked on Italian terracotta tiles to provide a warm finish on your skin to make them look striking and natural.
  • Apply the product using a blush brush, starting at the apple of your cheeks and gently swiping up and away. For a bold look swirl colour in a circular motion over the cheeks, layering into your desired intensity.


  1. MAKE IT LAST SETTING SPRAY(prime+correct+set)
  • It helps prep your face before make-up and helps lock the make-up in for a long time, approximately 16 hours.
  • Start by misting the spray onto your clean and dry face, shake well before use and keep the spray at least 10 inches away from your face. Apply your makeup as usual. After makeup, use the setting spray once more all over your face to set the make-up and to get an instant matte look.


  • These lipsticks are smudge-proof, hyperpigmented and will stay on for hours.
  • They have an easy to glide formula that allows a smooth application and dries comfortably.
  •  It gives up to 5 hours of strikingly bold color.
  • They are available in 17 shades.
  • Apply the lipstick beginning at the cupid’s brow and extending on the edge of your lips. Gently rub lips together for even application  


  • Milani’s eyeshadow primers will help intensify the colour of your eyeshadow while simultaneously increasing its wear time.
  • The primer is lightweight, crease-proof and dries invisibly.  
  • Apply The primer generously to eyelids in order to create a smooth and even base for any eye look.


  •  This highlighter palette features a stylish trio of micro-milled, buildable powders that blend seamlessly giving a strong finish.
  • The highlighter is richly pigmented and gives a multi-dimensional effect.  
  • Apply the highlighter to your face in a light sweeping motion using a brush or powder puff. Remember to shake off excess powder from the brush or puff before application.


  • They deliver the most real looking full brow definition without overdoing it.
  • It is equipped with a feather-light brush tip, super fine smudge resistant pigments and polymers that helps it last longer.
  • Shake the product well before use. Using short, feathery strokes fill in your brows. For a fuller effect, follow your natural brow shape and layer it with hair-like strokes.


  • Medium-coverage buildable balm & lipstick in one.
  • It is made with an 85% blend of nourishing oils which gives your lips next-level moisturisation and shine that glides on effortlessly.
  • ‘The 100% vegan formula combines the rich hydration of a balm, the buildable color of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss in one product.’
  • Apply Color Fetish Lipstick beginning at your Cupid’s bow and extending out to the edge of your lips. Add additional layers to build color intensity. 


  • This is Milani’s Prep + Brighten Rose Face Oil.
  • This luxurious face oil has a blend of Vitamin C, Sunflower, Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond and Crambe Abyssinica Oils. 
  • Weightless and fast-absorbing
  • The product will tighten and hydrate your skin, leaving them feeling balanced, bright, rejuvenated, moisturised to give you a youthful, dewy glow.
  • Take 1-2 drops of brightening oil and apply it to freshly cleansed skin and massage it using circular movements.
  • According to the brand, this oil works as a multi-tasking oil and may be used on the face, hair and body.


All the product descriptions and application methods are from the brands own website to know about more products visit their website.


This is what the brand’s website says regarding their cruelty-free and vegan products:


“Cruelty is never captivating. At Milani, we believe that bold beauty should never come at the cost of animal testing. That’s why our makeup is 100% cruelty-free, as certified by PETA. Always. We never test on animals, and we don’t allow others to test on our behalf. 


Looking for vegan cosmetics?

We pride ourselves on being friends of those with fins, fur or feathers. Our commitment to using vegan formulas is a foundational element of who we are. All of our vegan makeup is explicitly labelled and lives within Milani’s Vegan Beauty makeup collection. Our vegan, cruelty-free makeup collection includes over 50 products that are completely free of any animal-derived ingredients. Plus, our professional makeup brushes are made of high-quality synthetic fibers, so they’re vegan-friendly, too. We always strive to be vegan-friendly, and we are committed to using plant-based and synthetic ingredients as much as possible.


Beauty is not just our business — it’s our identity. We believe in protecting beauty as much as we believe in creating it.”

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