Makeup Geek vs Mac: Which Is Better?

How often are you confused between two makeup brands? Pretty often, right?  

Two of the most raging makeup brands at this moment are: Makeup Geek and Mac. Both the brands are known for high quality and well pigmented products. Not only that, their wide range of products from eyeshadow palettes to blushes, bronzers, foundations and contours have caught the attention of many.

In this article, we will explore more about Makeup Geek and Mac, what their best products are and what their customers have to say about them.

Which one is better: Makeup Geek or Mac?

In terms of comparison, both Makeup Geek and MAC are very good brands. They tick all the boxes related to quality, texture, colour and safety. A detailed comparative study of the two brands are as follows:


Makeup GeekMAC
PriceVery affordableNot very affordable
QualityGoodVery good and goes at par with luxury brands
Is it vegan?YesNo
Is it cruelty free?YesNo
Is it a clean brand?YesNo
Is it shipped internationally?YesYes
Is it available at retail stores?No (except Target stores in the US)Available at retail stores worldwide
Does it have all types of makeup products (foundation, liner, lipstick, mascara, concealer, etc)?Yes, but the range of products is not as varied as MACYes
Does it cater to all skin tones?No. Most Makeup Geek products are suited only to white skin tonesYes

Here is the video about Makeup Geek Vs MAC

What is Makeup Geek? When was it founded?

Makeup Geek is one of the many makeup brands born on social media. It was founded in 2011 by Marlena Stell.

Stell’s idea to launch her own makeup line came after years of reviewing various makeup brands on YouTube. 

The name Makeup Geek comes from Stell’s innate knowledge and obsession about the various aspects of make up.

Makeup Geek not only uses its influencers to create a strong social media presence, but also sells their products at very affordable rates. Unlike many brands which have a limited range of shades, Makeup Geek offers their products in nudes, metallics, as well as bright colours. 

Why is Makeup Geek so popular?

Makeup Geek is a well-loved makeup brand. Initially launched for its eyeshadow palettes, it has now expanded to other makeup products too. The reasons why it is so popular re because:

  1. All Makeup Geek products are affordable and available internationally.
  2. Makeup Geek products are highly pigmented, blend well and last for a long time.
  3. Makeup Geek products are vegan and cruelty free. They adhere to all the PETA standards.
  4. Makeup Geek products are endorsed by influencers on social media, thus expanding their customer base to various generations and continents.

More importantly, Makeup Geek is a socially conscious brand. A part of their profits are used to help domestic abuse survivors and orphans in foster homes.

Is Makeup Geek affordable?

Yes, Makeup Geek is a very affordable makeup brand. 

The main reason for selling highly pigmented and quality makeup products at lower prices comes from their drive to bridge the gap between drugstore and luxury brands both in terms of price and quality.

Additionally, the products of Makeup Geek are mostly available through their website and social media. According to its founder Marlena Stell, since Makeup Geek sells directly from the warehouse to the customers, it cuts down the cost compared to sales through retailers like Sephora.

Does Makeup Geek sell internationally?

Although Makeup Geek is an US based brand, its products are available globally. Customers from all across the world can order their products through their website by paying appropriate shipping charges.

Although the tracking ID for Makeup Geek products are available for products shipped within the United States, it is not available for international shipping. 

Additionally, Makeup Geek does not sell its products internationally through retailers like Ulta or Sephora.

Are Makeup Geek products found at retail stores?

No, Makeup Geek products are available through their website. However, their products have been launched at Target stores in the USA recently.

What are the best products of Makeup Geek?

The best products of Makeup Geek are:

  1. Cocoa Bear Eyeshadow Pan
  2. Creme Brulee Eyeshadow Pan
  3. Soiree Eyeshadow Pan
  4. Cocktail Bear Eyeshadow Pan

What is MAC? When was it founded?

MAC Cosmetics is one of the oldest makeup brands. Established in 1984 by Frank Toscan and Frank Angelo, MAC was acquired by its parent company, Estee Lauder in 1996.

The full form of MAC is Makeup Art Cosmetics.

When launched, MAC was initially known as the makeup brand of choice for the professionals. Models, actors and professional makeup artists used MAC products as it was assured of high quality and lasting impact.

Today, MAC has an annual turnover of 1billion dollars and over 500 independent stores. Besides their signature products, certain makeup products are custom made for each continent depending on the ethnicity and demand.

Are MAC Cosmetics vegan and cruelty free?

Although MAC offers some vegan cosmetics, most of their products are not vegan. MAC products contain ingredients derived from animals like beeswax, lanolin, propolis, carmine and hyaluronic acid.

MAC has confirmed that their cosmetics are not tested on animals anywhere. However, the government in China requires all cosmetic products to be tested on animals before they are sold to their customers. Overall, this makes MAC not a cruelty-free brand.

Are MAC Cosmetics clean?

MAC is not a fully clean brand. In general, MAC does not disclose its list of ingredients. Most MAC products are however paraben free which makes it a great addition to your makeup kit.

On the other hand, MAC cosmetic products contain phthalates and are not gluten-free. Thus, all in all, MAC is not a fully clean brand.

Are MAC Cosmetics affordable?

To the disappointment of many, MAC cosmetics are at the higher end of the price range. 

While MAC cosmetics cost more than the products of an average makeup brand, it should be noted that all MAC products are of premium quality. This is the reason why MAC is one of the top three makeup brands of all time, and is liked by professionals and general consumers alike.

More importantly, the quality of all MAC cosmetics are similar to those by luxury brands. Thus MAC ensures that their customers can enjoy the high-end finish, lasting stay and pigmentation of luxury brands without paying as much.

Why is Mac so popular?

The main reason for MAC’s popularity is its superior makeup products. As said before, MAC offers their beauty products at a relatively lower price than the luxury brands without compromising on the quality. 

The reasons why MAC is popular is because:

  1. Most MAC products are qualitatively similar to those by luxury brands.
  2. MAC cosmetics have been used by models, actors and professional makeup artists for a long time, because of their products’ ability to look good under camera lights. This ensures that their value is at par with their price.
  3. MAC caters to a diverse range of audience. It has almost 40 shades for each skin tone. Additionally, MAC cosmetics vary from region to region depending on the ethnicity, type of skin, and trending makeup style such as dewy or gloss or matte finish.
  4. MAC cosmetics have almost no report of any allergic or comedogenic reaction on the skin.
  5. MAC allows samples or testers for its products so that the customer can check before buying that the product actually suits the overall look.
  6. Most MAC employees are labelled as “artists”, meaning they have experience in the field of professional makeup. This helps them to understand the customer demand and curate products accordingly.
  7. MAC cosmetics are available internationally. Not only through their website, but MAC also sells through their own outlets and retailers like Sephora and Ulta.
  8. MAC offers all types of cosmetics ranging from eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, blush to lipsticks, glosses and concealers.

What are the best products of Mac?

Rest assured all MAC products are of the best quality. The products of MAC that are mostly demanded by its customers are as follows:

  1. MAC Face and Body Foundation
  2. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
  3. MAC Studio Fix Foundation Plus Powder
  4. MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ Spray
  5. MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash


Both Makeup Geek and MAC are very good brands. Makeup geek is cheaper than MAC and it’s vegan but not available in retailer shops. On the other hand, MAC is expensive but availability of MAC is easy.

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