5 DIY Face Mask To Get Rid Of Dark Spot On Face

Face Mask To Get Rid Of Dark Spot On Face

So you have gotten rid of the stubborn acne, controlled the excess oil on your face, and said goodbye to blackheads. But alas, you are facing another skin problem in the form of dark spots. Dark spots or hyperpigmentation can have many causes, like sun exposure, hormonal changes, inflammation, etc. They usually do not pose … Read more

5 DIY Baking Soda Face Mask For Clear Skin

baking soda face mask

Baking soda is a popular kitchen ingredient, which is used for a variety of stuff other than just baking.  But did you know it can be included in your skincare regime as well? It has the ability to treat your various skin ailments like acne, dark spots, scars, blackheads and give you clear and glowing … Read more