What are cluster eyelashes?

Cluster eyelashes are a new trend in the cosmetic industry that has been sweeping across social media. They are a much more natural alternative to an individual or false lashes, and they look just as glamorous!

What are cluster eyelashes?

Cluster eyelashes are a term used for false lashes that consist of more than two individual pieces. They can be made from a variety of materials but the most common include silk and mink hairs. These lashes are similar to fake eyelashes in appearance but they do not require any glue application or special tools to apply them.

Here is how you can apply cluster eyelashes-

Cluster Eyelashes- Introduction

Cluster eyelashes are a product that is placed on top of your natural lash line to give you the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. They come in many different shapes and styles! You can choose between diamond-shaped clusters of round ones. The curvature also comes into play when choosing what shape would be best for you.

The application process is much easier than the typical false lash application. Cluster lashes are applied to a strip of glue, which will stick on your natural lash line and act as an extension of your eyelashes! The easiest way to apply them is with tweezers; however, there are many ways that can make it easier for you, or if you have a more steady hand than most.

They come in many different lengths and thicknesses, just like your natural lashes do! This allows you to choose exactly what type of eyelashes would work best with the shape that suits your eyes best. These particular clusters are about 15 millimetres long; however, there are many other types that reach up to 30 millimetres long.

The glue is a very important part of these lashes and their lasting power. Make sure you choose the right lash adhesive for your clusters! There are many different kinds, some better than others; however, most should work just fine with this product as well. Pick one based on what it is made out of, the brand name and reviews.

Applying cluster eyelashes

The application process is very easy, and can be completed in just five minutes! This makes it a great alternative to those who have not tried false lashes before. These clusters are also much more natural-looking than the average set of falsies; however, they still give you that stunning appearance!

  • The first step in this process is to place a small amount on your eyelid where you will be applying your lashes.
  • Let it dry for about 20 seconds before attempting to apply them.
  • After they are attached properly, let the glue that holds them down set for one minute before moving or blinking.

Benefits of Cluster Eyelashes

Anyone who is looking for a more natural alternative to false lash extensions can benefit from cluster lashes.

This product is ideal for those who do not have time to apply for their own eyelash extensions, or simply would feel more comfortable having someone help them out! These clusters are also great if you want the look of wearing falsies but don’t enjoy the feeling of them in your eyes.

Cluster eyelashes are a great option for those who have sensitive skin or find it difficult to put fake lashes on their own, which makes them perfect for anyone! They also do not irritate the eyes as other lash inserts might, and they will add volume to your natural lashes that you didn’t even know was possible!

Cluster eyelashes are a great alternative to false lashes, and they can last just as long. These clusters will also not irritate your eyes like other forms of lash inserts might; however, if you have sensitive skin or allergies then it is best that you avoid any cosmetic products!

These lashes only take ten minutes maximum to apply, and you can even do it yourself at home! This makes them ideal for those who are on a time crunch or simply want to save some money.

These lashes give your eyes an appearance that is more natural than false lashes would be able to accomplish; however, they still give you the glamourous look of wearing falsies! They will also not weigh down your lashes, making them droop or appear shorter.

Where You Can Get Cluster Eyelashes?

These cluster eyelashes can be found at most beauty supply stores and even some drugstores will carry them as well! Make sure you purchase the right adhesive for these clusters because it is just as important as the product itself!

Online you can find these clusters on many different websites, and they will be much cheaper than if you bought them in person. If the idea of applying your own eyelash extensions is too daunting for you then there are experts that do it for a living as well; however, make sure to double-check their credentials before allowing anyone to touch your eyes!

The Different Types of Cluster Eyelashes

There are three main types of cluster eyelashes: round, diamond and oval. Each one has its own unique shape that will give you the look that is best for your eye type; however, it also comes down to personal preference as well.

Round clusters have a curve in them that makes them appear a bit more natural, and they are usually about 15 millimetres long.

Diamond clusters have a straight line in the centre with two curves that go out to each side; these types of eyelashes give you an exotic appearance! These lashes can be up to 30 millimetres if you choose this type, however, there is also a longer version that can be up to 36 millimetres long as well.

Oval clusters have a straight line in the centre with two curves on each side; these lashes give you an appearance that is very similar to round lash extensions, although they are slightly more dramatic because of their length and shape!

Difference between Cluster Eyelashes and False Lashes

False lash extensions are made up of one extension per strip, so they can weigh down your lashes and make them appear shorter. Cluster eyelashes are much more lightweight than false lash extensions because of their unique size; however, the clusters still give you that stunning appearance without weighing down or making your natural lashes appear short.

Cluster Eyelashes- How to Apply Them?

It is best that you allow a professional to apply these lashes for you, but if this isn’t an option then simply follow our simple guide below.

You will need adhesive (preferably Clear), eyelash brush or mascara wand, tweezers, small scissors and eyelash curler.

  • If your lashes are too long then trim them down to the appropriate length with a pair of scissors; this will help you avoid getting glue on any hair other than your own!
  • Next, take your brush or wand and carefully apply a thin line of adhesive onto one corner of the strip; you will want to be as precise as possible with this step because you only get one chance at it.
  • Now place the strip down onto your lash line and press firmly for one minute; make sure that you don’t blink during this time, or else the adhesive might dry too quickly!
  • Once your lashes are secure then curl them up with your eyelash curler and apply mascara to blend them in with the rest of your lashes.

Final words

If you are looking for that perfect pair of lashes then try them out today! There are many benefits to using clusters over false lash extensions, so find the shape and style that suits your eye type best before purchasing one of these gorgeous pairs today!

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