What is eyebrow ironing? Its advantages and disadvantages

Eyebrow ironing is a beauty trend that has been gaining popularity in South Korea. Although eyebrow waxing and plucking have been popular for years, the new technique of using an electric hair straightener to remove excess hairs on your eyebrows is quickly catching up.

But most people ask this question- 

What is eyebrow ironing? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Eyebrow ironing is a method where a flat iron is used to straighten out the hair on your eyebrows. The technique has been popular for years in China and South Korea, but it just recently gained popularity in Western countries as well. It’s an inexpensive way to maintain eyebrow hairs that might otherwise be removed with waxing or tweezing over time and evens out the shape of the brow. The downside to eyebrow ironing is that it requires a lot more time and effort than waxing or tweezing, but this doesn’t seem like much to ask for those who have sparse eyebrows.

Here is doing eyebrow ironing at home-

Purpose of Eyebrow Ironing

Eyebrow ironing is not a permanent solution for removing hair on your eyebrows. It’s done as an alternative to waxing and plucking which can be costly, painful, or time-consuming. Eyebrow ironing will typically last about six weeks before it needs to be reapplied! It is a better way to maintain a clean look than going for that natural growth.

In order to apply eyebrow ironing, you will need a hot straightener and some cotton balls. For best results, it is recommended that you use an Asian electric hair straightener because they are designed with less heat distribution than western ones. In general, the new technique can be done in about five minutes or less! All you have to do is use the hair straightener to gently glide over your eyebrows in a downward motion. This will remove any excess hairs and help create a more polished look!

Eyebrow Ironing- Working and Procedure

A hair follicle is found with an electric razor blade. The hair follicle has been removed, leaving behind a scar that heals and prevents ingrown hairs or bacteria from forming! With eyebrow ironing there’s not any pulling of the hair which can cause irritation to skin after waxing or plucking. You also won’t have itchy hairs, red bumps on your skin, or any pain!

  1. Brow lamination- This is the first step of eyebrow ironing. Your hair follicle or some of your stray hairs are removed with a blade to create the shape you want!
  2. Tidy-up session- After brow lamination, there may be other hairs that need removing but don’t require any special treatment. They can just be cut off using an electric razor and then tweezed or plucked with a small pair of forceps.
  3. Cream painting- After you’ve done your brows, be sure to use a cream that will make them look neat and tidy.
  4. Ironing- The final step of eyebrow ironing is using an electric hair straightener! It’s important not to forget this part because it helps get rid of the stray hairs so they don’t end up in your face or peeking out from your eyeliner.

After eyebrow ironing, it is important to apply a cream that will make your brows look neat and tidy. It’s also important not to forget the last step of using an electric hair straightener so you can ensure there are no stray hairs left! There are many advantages such as getting rid of any redness from waxing or plucking, not having to worry about the pain of plucking or waxing, and being able to groom your brows without any irritation! It is also important to note some disadvantages such as how slow it can be with an iron compared to other methods.


Benefits of Eyebrow Ironing

  • Less painful- Eyebrow ironing is less painful than waxing and plucking. You won’t have to worry about the hair roots being pulled out, which can be a common problem with these other methods of removing eyebrow hairs.
  • More affordable- Because it’s less time-consuming and expensive than waxing or tweezing, you’ll save on both time and money!
  • Less time-consuming – Ironing your eyebrows is much faster than plucking them or waxing. You just need to use an electric hair straightener, which takes a few minutes.
  • Some people have side effects from waxing and plucking their eyebrows- Some people can experience redness or inflammation after they remove their eyebrow hairs with these methods. The new technique reduces the risk of this happening because it’s not as invasive!
  • No more bumps – Waxing can cause bumps to form on your skin, which can be painful or unsightly. With the new technique of eyebrow ironing, you won’t have to worry about this!
  • No more ingrown hairs – When you wax or pluck a hair follicle with an electric razor blade it leaves behind an open wound that is vulnerable for bacteria and ingrown hairs. With eyebrow ironing, the hair follicle is healed after it has been removed!
  • No more painful ingrown hairs- Waxing and plucking can cause sensitive skin to become irritated or inflamed which leads to red bumps on your skin. You won’t have this problem with eyebrow ironing because there’s not any pulling of the hair follicle!
  • No more itchy hairs – Some people experience itching or prickling after they remove their eyebrow hairs with these methods. You won’t have to worry about this when you’re using the new technique of ironing your eyebrows!
  • Eco-friendly- Unlike waxing and plucking, eyebrow ironing doesn’t involve any chemicals or products that can be toxic to the environment.
  • More natural- Because eyebrow ironing is less invasive and more eco-friendly than waxing, it’s a better way of maintaining your brows! You won’t have any bumps on your skin and you’ll still look like yourself without sacrificing quality for quantity.
  • Less risk of infection – Waxing and plucking can leave your skin open to bacteria, which is not the case with eyebrow ironing.
  • No more redness- When you wax or pluck your eyebrows you’re risking getting a rash that’s worse for sensitive skins. With the new technique of using an electric hair straightener on them, all you’ll have are some stray hairs.
  • No irritation- Waxing, tweezing, or plucking can often irritate the skin and cause redness, which is why many people choose to use an iron on their eyebrows instead.
  • No permanence- Sometimes it’s just not worth going through all that pain if you know your hair will grow back in a few weeks anyways! If you don’t want something permanent but still want those stray hairs removed, eyebrow ironing is the perfect solution!

Disadvantages of eyebrow ironing

  • Some people prefer to let their hair grow- If you’re one of those people that just likes to keep things natural and doesn’t want your eyebrow hairs removed at all, eyebrow ironing isn’t for you!
  • It’s not as fast – Although it may only take about five minutes or so when using an electric hair straightener on your eyebrows, the time it takes to do this can be longer than what some people would feel comfortable waiting.
  • No more ‘eyebrow shape’ – When you use an electric hair straightener on your eyebrows, they won’t have any particular shape left in them so there’s not much of a point for someone who likes to keep their brows groomed.

Final words

Eyebrow ironing is a new technique of removing eyebrow hairs that has advantages over other methods such as waxing or plucking by implementing an electric hair straightener. It’s important to note, however, that there are some disadvantages of this method such as not being able to have a groomed brow shape and the fact that it’s not as fast.

The best part about eyebrow ironing is that it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in them so you won’t be risking your health or the environment with this method!

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