How to straighten curly eyebrows?

We know how important eyebrows are in our lives- They can change a person from being nice-looking to downright gorgeous. Who doesn’t want to wake up with perfect eyebrows every morning? But, for those of us who have curly hair, this is not an easy feat.

A question that comes to the minds of most people is- 

How to straighten curly eyebrows?

This can be done with the help of wax, straightening cream, or gel. It can also be done by trimming, using heat, or a pencil.

Here is how you can straighten your curly eyebrows-

Steps to straighten curly eyebrows

Step One: Utilize Waxing to Get Rid of the Curls

The first step is to remove all your hair that has curl. This can be done with wax or an eyebrow razor, but either way, it will need a few applications for you to see any change in the shape of your brows. When removing curls, start at the top of your brow and work down.

Step Two: Utilize Straightening Cream & Gel to Get Rid of Curls

The next step is to use a straightening cream or gel in conjunction with your waxing. Put on the straightener, then apply some more heat by pressing it against whatever skin that you have left. This will help to straighten any hair that is left.

Step Three: Utilize a Brow Brush & Pencil To Shape Your Eyebrows

The final step, which you can do in the morning or evening before bed, is to brush your brows into place with a small eyebrow brush and pencil them in so they fill in any spaces.

Various ways to straighten curly eyebrows

Use an eyebrow brush- It lifts the eyebrows up so they are more exposed to the wax, making it easier for it to pull out the curls. It also makes the eyebrows look full and natural.

Research an effective solution for curly eyebrows- Gel or wax can be used in conjunction with most hair removal tactics like shaving and plucking to remove any remaining curl that is left behind on the skin. If you use a hot cloth to apply the wax or gel, it will give you an even smoother finish.

Use a pencil- An eyebrow pencil can be used for filling in any missing hairs and shaping your brows so they look natural. This is especially important if you have sparse bushy eyebrows that tend to grow out instead of down as most people’s do.

Use a straightening cream- Straighteners can also be used to give you an even smoother finish. It works best for those who have thinner eyebrows because it’s easier to brush them into place without having any stray hairs sticking up or out.

Apply heat- Heat will help lift up any hairs still curled so that you can eliminate them with the wax or gel.

Trimming with the help of eyebrow scissors- This is for those who have thicker eyebrows that are starting to grow out too far. Trimming them with scissors will help keep the brows at a more manageable length and shape so they don’t look overgrown, which can happen if you forget about shaping your eyebrow hair on a regular basis.

Locking the hair with massage oils- This can be done to remove the curl in your eyebrow hair, but it won’t do anything for any hairs that you missed with waxing. It also will only work on people who have naturally loose or curly hair and not those of us who have tighter curls than others.

Use a razor- This is an easy way to take care of both the hair on the skin and any stray hairs that might be sticking out.

Waxing- This is for removing all of your eyebrow hair to start over fresh with a clean slate so you can make it look the way you want without having to worry about curls.

Brush mascara along the length of eyebrows- This will help them look fuller, but it won’t do anything for those of us who have sparse eyebrows that need a little more hair.

Regardless of how you choose to take care of your curly eyebrows, the most important thing is not to give up! You can learn over time what works best for you and eventually get back your dream brows with just a little bit of patience.

Tips and Tricks

  • If your natural eyebrow colour is dark, consider using lighter pencils to fill them in. It will make your brows look fuller and more natural, instead of looking like you’re wearing a dark shadow on the top of your eyelids all day long.
  • Brush some mascara over both eyebrows to give them an instant lift- This is especially helpful if you have sparse or thin eyebrows that need a little extra boost.
  • Brush your eyebrows up and out. This will make them look smooth like they’ve been professionally waxed.
  • To keep curly eyebrow hairs from getting stuck in the little corners of your eyes after you brush them into place with a small eyebrow brush, just use an eyeliner pencil to gently run over those spots for a quick fix.

Steps to take care of your eyebrows

  • Remove any makeup before you go to bed so you don’t have to do it in the morning.
  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser before bed so that makeup doesn’t build up and clog your pores overnight, which can lead to breakouts or blemishes on your skin.
  • Brush eyebrows outward- This will help them look more natural since they’re not all stuck to your face, which will make you appear more awake.
  • Use an eyeliner pencil- This is helpful for those of us with tightly curled hair that doesn’t want to stay in place after we brush it up and out. You can use this trick by running the tip of a pencil along any edges or corners where eyebrow hairs are likely to get stuck in the morning.
  • Comb them gently- This will help to keep any stray hairs from sticking out or getting stuck in the corners of your eyes.
  • Apply a heat-activated product before curling them with an eyelash curler- It’ll make it easier for you to curl up that curly hair and lock them into place, which means less brushing needed when you wake up in the morning.

Final words

Now that you know how to take care of your curly eyebrows, you can stop worrying about them and start enjoying a whole new way of looking right! No more hiding behind those floppy bangs because now it’s time for some good old fashioned love with your hair-curly or not. So get out there and show your beautiful self off!

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