What to do when gel nails grow out?

Gel nails give out an impressive outlook to your fingers. The sleek nail shapes and the intricate designs of it are what make it stand out in your fingers. And although they are long-lasting, after a period of two weeks, as your natural nails grow, a gap starts to appear between the edge of the gel nails and the cuticle of your nails. If the nail growth is visible enough, the gel nails won’t look as good as it was when brand new.

Thus, the best thing to do when gel nails grow out is either to replicate the same design in the nail growth area as it is in your gel nails or to use a regular nail polish that best resembles the colour dominant in the nail design to cover up the nail gap. And the last option is to go to a professional for a refill.

Hiding the nail growth will be easy if you opt for a design with neutral shades such as beige or white, as they best represent the colour of your natural nails. Bold colours like orange or neon are a stark contrast to your natural nails and do not blend well with them. Thus, the nail gap will pop out more.

Another smart way is to go for a negative space manicure where you don’t cover up part of your natural nail with the design. Here, you can also incorporate bold colours if you wish. Plus, designs like classic French manicures are also a great option.

How to overcome outgrown nails?

Use regular nail polish

The gel nail manicure uses gel polish to create a design, but they are not usually available at our home. Hence, use a regular nail polish to cover up the gap. It may not look the same as the original design, but it is close to it. Plus, it won’t be noticeable to others.

Apply chunky glitter nail polish if you have gone for a single colour design. Use the application to dab some of the glitters on the base of your nail to cover up the gap. It’s a great trick as the glitter sticks well to the nail and won’t even show the bump of the overgrown nail.

However, if you have a multi-colour design, you can apply the same design in the gap as it is in your gel nails. If that’s too difficult, simply use a solid colour regular nail polish to swipe it across the gap to hide it. But, make sure to opt for a colour that dominates the design in your gel nails.

Opt for negative space manicures

This is the trick you have to apply when going for the manicure. It’s a genius hack to extend the life of your gel nails without any effort. Negative space manicures incorporate your natural nude nails in the nail art. So, if you choose a design that covers the upper half of your nails leaving the base, then when the nail gap starts to appear, it won’t be visible enough.

The gel nails will blend easily with your natural nails. Thus, you won’t have to do anything to hide that growth. It’s also a great option if you love minimalist design and want low-maintenance manicures. Some examples of negative space designs are

  • Apply skinny strips of polish across your nails. For extra effect, you can also add some metallic strips to it.
  • Use a vibrant shade and apply it diagonally to your nails, leaving the base exposed.
  • Go for a classic French manicure, but apart from painting the nail tips, draw a thin line in a half-moon shape in your nail bed to add more dimensions.


Go to a professional for a Refill

It’s the most used option when you want a fresh new look and completely remove the extended part that has appeared as the gel nail moved away from the cuticle area. Having a refill will make it look and feel like a new set. Plus, you can keep it for another two weeks before removing it.

Can you leave gel nails to grow out?

If there is no lifting of the gel nails over your natural nails, you can leave them to grow out. You can just choose to file down the lengths and corners along with the tips for a fresh and better look.

Lifting is peeling off of the gel nail, meaning it has separated from your natural nails either at the end or at the sides. There is no time limit for it to occur, and it can happen even the next day after getting the manicure. It results mainly due to unskilled application.

Hence, when it lifts, it allows moisture to get under the nail bed and causes the perfect condition for bacteria growth. Nail infection is a common cause when you leave gel nails on even though it has lifted. Keeping them for too long, in this case, will lead to weakened nails and damaged nail beds.

How long does it take for gel nails to grow out?

It will take around two to three weeks for a growth gap to appear and make the gel nails push away from the cuticle area. However, for a complete grow-out, it takes about two to three months.

This time period depends on the rate of your nail growth. But, generally speaking, your nails grow one millimetre a week if they are in a healthy condition.

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