10 Best setting lotions for natural hair

Embracing our natural hair is the only thing we want. A good hair day can add so much into our lives and for that we need a good setting spray. Searching about that you have landed here and here we are talking about “best setting lotion for natural hair.”

Setting lotion is not something which is new, it is as same as mousse or styling gels but with a different formula. It will make your curls look voluminous, shiny and healthy and most importantly it holds your curls at a place.

Some of the best lotion for natural hair are Nairobi wrap, design essential natural twist, lotta body setting lotion, Motion versatile foam these are some of the best setting lotions for natural hair.

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10 Best setting lotions for natural hair

1. Lotta Body Setting Lotion

This body lotion is the best setting lotion for all the hair type. It is not a new brand but an old brand with loyal customers. This setting lotion is best for holding your curls at a place and adding texture to your bouncy curls.

The lotion Is used by mixing it with water which makes this lotion last longer but it doesn’t comes with a spray bottle.

It is the best choice for natural hair but to add you can also use this lotion on permed, curly, wavy and natural hair. it not only sets your hairstyle but also work on split ends which makes it top the list.


2. Design Essentials Natural Twist & Set Quick-Dry Setting Lotion

The main problem which the majority of curly hair people face is frizzy and tangled curls, and keeping this in mind this setting lotion is designed to solve your problem. Design essentials natural twist and set quick-dry setting lotion is multi-functional.

This lotion sets your hairstyle and with that detangles your hair with ease. Along with this it has smoothening properties.

The product is infused with jojoba oil, Panthenol, Silk amino acids, and wheat proteins. These products help detangle your hair, give a smooth finish and set your hair.


3. Motions Versatile Foam Styling Lotion

Damaged hair looks so untidy even if you make a very stylish and clean hairstyle, for that you really need this setting lotion. Motion Versatile foam and styling lotion holds and sets your hair. It contains argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter that keeps your hair hydrated and prevents it from drying.

Motion Versatile foam Styling lotion is best for damage here and you buy it from amazon.


4. Nairobi Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion

We only have two problems, one we need to take care of our hair and second, we don’t have time. for those you fall in these categories should sit relaxed because today we are introducing Nairobi wrapp it shine is for you.

Nairobi Wrapp-it is a foaming lotion which dries instantly and it is perfect for you whp is always in a hurry but your love your hair in place too.


5. Design Essentials Compositions Non-Flaking Foaming Wrap Lotion

Don’t get confused, this is another design essential for your curly hair. design essential design really good products for most of the curly people. This product is best for stressed and fragile hair.

Just like Nairobi it dries quickly on your hair. For nourishment it contains coconut oil and wheat protein. This setting lotion detangles your hair sets and adds shine to it too.


6. Hair Play SET Extra Hold Hair Setting Lotion

When you have thick hair then it is very difficult to find a perfect setting lotion for you, Hair play Set extra hold lotion is exactly like its name. This holds your thick hair a little extra just like you need.

It suits every hair type, texture and length so it is a one time buy for most of you. Unlike other lotions it is a foam which nourishes and smoothes your hair.

One of the best things is that it comes with a travel size variant as well, with that you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.


7. Hair play set 2

Hair play set 2 is best for moisturising, styling, nourishing and setting your hair and giving the bounce and volume that your curls need. This lotion suits every hair texture and is weightless. It not only sets your hair but also makes your hair more manageable.

You can use this shampoo right after washing your hair with shampoo just like a leave-in conditioner for moisturising and setting your hair.


8. Dr. Miracles Healing Wrapping & Setting Lotion

The Dr. Miracles Healing Wrapping & Setting Lotion is a complete package for you to carry the style throughout the day. It is best suited for sensitive scalp. the lostion acts as a wrap to set or blow-dried hair as well.

Additionally, it detangles and conditions the hair. the end result after using this product is moisturised, detangling smooth and silky hair.

To end with, unlike any other spray it has a very nice smell of perfume.


9. Ultra-Sheen Super Setting Lotion

As we have talked about the scent of setting lotion which is not so good in other lotions, here you will get a very nice smelling setting lotion that gives your hair a lustrous look.

If you have split ends then this lotion will be a saviour for you. It will also make your hair look voluminous and bouncy at the same time.


10 Proclaim Super Setting Lotion

Just as the name suggests, proclaiming super setting lotion is superb, this can be used as a heat protectant before styling your hair. This setting lotion is enriched with lanolin, moisturizes the hair, and brushes out soft.

As curls can be drying they have avoided alcohol in the product which makes it more trustworthy to use.

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