How long to wait to dye hair after bleaching?

As fun as hair coloring is, the process does degrade your hair quality to some extent. Among other factors, the process of coloring your hair plays a crucial role in determining the scale of damage it will leave upon your hair.

This is why one must know the correct application way, especially if it’s done at home, to minimize the chance of hair breakage and split ends.

Bleaching is done before dyeing your hair to make sure you get a vibrant color and is long-lasting.

How long to wait to dye hair after bleaching?

You need to wait between 4-6 weeks to dye your hair after bleaching. The exact time period depends on the state of your hair, its texture, and porosity. If you have dry, damaged, and weak hair, wait at least four weeks before coloring your hair. And if you have healthy hair, you need to wait a minimum of 2-3 days.

The process of bleaching is damaging to hair as it opens up hair cuticles and penetrates into the hair shaft to destroy melanin, the hair pigment responsible for the natural color of your hair.

This is how it lightens your hair. Plus, it breaks down the organic fatty acids of your hair shaft, making it weak and causing intense damage.

Hence, you need to give your hair time to recover from the chemical process. Waiting for a few weeks will make your hair’s natural PH go back to normal, restore the moisture lost and make the cuticles close to a normal state.


Can I dye and bleach hair on the same day?

It is not recommended to dye and bleach hair on the same day, especially if you are using a box dye. Doing it on the same day will put an immense strain on your hair’s health as your hair won’t be able to take two chemical processes in one day.

Giving it time to heal will ensure your hair doesn’t endure any long-term damage.

Since your hair cuticles are too raised and open after bleaching, the hair dye will penetrate deeper than intended. So, if you are using a temporary color, it can easily become permanent.

If you feel your hair has become too weak and damaged after the bleaching process, use a deep conditioning mask to restore back the moisture before proceeding with the hair dye.

Plus, try to use the lowest volume developer to minimize the extent of the damage.

It is because the higher the volume of the developer will be, the more ability it has to lighten your hair. Getting a darker shade is easier and less damaging than a lighter shade.


What type of dye to use after bleaching hair?

The type of dye to use after bleaching hair depends upon your needs and preference.

There are a variety of hair dyes available in the market, starting from temporary colors, permanent colors to semi-permanent colors and ammonia-free colors. You can also get plant-based natural air colors that are kinder to hair.

Temporary hair colors don’t stay long and wash out after shampooing hair for once. They are usually available in spray form and are used for one day. Hence, these are mostly applied during any special events.

If you are hair coloring for the first time and want something for a short period, semi-permanent colors are the best to opt for.

However, it shouldn’t be confused with temporary colors.

Semi-permanent colors are the safest option as they are less damaging to hair and they don’t need mixing with a developer and contain less harsh chemicals than permanent colors.

This type of hair color works by coating the surface of your hair and lasts long for a couple of weeks. You’ll need about 4-8 washes before the color fades away.

Permanent colors have more longevity and can last for weeks if not months if you take proper care of hair post-color. It won’t fade easily and will stay on your hair until new hair grows out.

This color type works in a different way as they enter the cuticles and deposit the pigments deep into the cortex of your hair. Plus, it has many complex chemicals in it.

However, if you need a chemical-free hair dye, plant and henna-based colors are your best option.


What is the haircare routine for bleached and dyed hair?

Having a proper hair care routine for bleached and dyed hair is imperative to keep hair healthy and extend the longevity of the hair color.

To begin with, using a post-color friendly shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and leave-ins are essential.

As a rule of thumb, you need to use hair products curated for colored hair.

It’s best to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and then finish off the routine with a gentle leave-in conditioner to maintain the vibrancy of your color.

Using bleach and hair dye will leave your mane frizzy and brittle, which is why you need a deep conditioning hair mask once a week to combat the dryness.

Moreover, try to get a hair spa or keratin treatment to strengthen your hair and lessen the intensity of damages the chemicals processes have left on your hair.

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