Which comes first the sunscreen or the primer?

Doing skincare is an important part of your routine but, then it is effective only when you use them in an appropriate order. Using skincare products in wring order will make either not show you effective results or show some inverse results. For example, what if you use toner before cleanser? Sounds weird right? Similarly, … Read more

Why does the foundation separate?

Foundation is the most common base used for make-up. It provides a platform for the make-up to settle on the skin, giving it a shiny, clean and natural look. One can notice separating of the layers of make-up products used which often gives an extra whitening look to the face. This is the separation of … Read more

Does baby oil remove makeup?

Does baby oil remove makeup?

Removing making is as tough as doing makeup, but you can’t skip it. Removing makeup Is a very crucial part of your routine. A makeup remover that removes every bit of your makeup is the best. Petroleum jelly, moisturizers, toners, micellar water, and baby oil are used to remove makeup. Baby oil is used for … Read more

What is the substitute for makeup primer?

If you’ve run out of your makeup primer, there are other alternatives too that are tried and tested by beauty enthusiasts. The substitutes for makeup primer include Deodorant, Aloe vera gel, Chafing gel, BB cream, Milk of magnesia, and vagisil. What is makeup primer and its benefits? Makeup primer is what you put on your … Read more