Why do acrylic nails hurt the first day?

Getting acrylic nails is a well-structured and long-lasting manicure. It requires skill and expertise to achieve perfection in this type of manicure. You will feel pain and discomfort if all the right techniques are not followed during the application.

Oftentimes, acrylic nails hurt the first day. There are several factors that lead to this result, such as the way the acrylic nails are applied, the type of product used, your nail type, and how they were prepared before the application.

But the good news is that the discomfort and irritation are relieved after the first day. But if the pain remains, it’s best to consult a professional. People who are new to using acrylic nails face this issue more than those who are experienced in getting acrylic nails as the latter is more used to it.

Reasons why your acrylic nails hurt the first day

Due to the thickness of the acrylic

You need acrylic as little as possible to get a natural-looking nail.

But some less expertise nail technician applies too much of the product on your natural nail, making it thicker than necessary.

It does nothing other than adding extra weight, resulting in pain and discomfort as your natural nails aren’t used to that excess weight. This thickness usually affects beginners.

You will feel the pain for as long as your nail takes to get accustomed to that weight. In general, it takes about one day.

When the nail technician has applied too much pressure while fixing the nails

Nail technicians who aren’t skilled enough can unintentionally apply too much pressure when fixing the acrylic over your natural nails. No matter if you are experienced in acrylic nails, or a beginner, applying pressure more than necessary is bound to cause irritation and pain. To avoid this, visit a well-reputed nail salon or inform your nail technician to reduce the pressure when your nails begin to hurt.

Due to the filing down of your natural nails

Filing down your natural nails before applying acrylic is a crucial step in the manicure process. This factor determines how well the acrylic sticks to your nail and how long it will last. Nail experts use a buffer on the tips, sides as well as on your nail beds to make the surface coarser for proper fitting of the acrylic.

If this is your first time, feeling hurt and discomfort is common during this process as your nails aren’t used to such an extent of filing. It files down your nails to its base, so the pain will go away as soon as the nail starts to grow back its base.

However, in some cases, nail experts with less experience can file down too much, causing temporary or permanent damage to your nail beds. Hence, it is essential to do your research on which professional you will get your nails done.

When you have naturally thin nails

Some people have naturally thin nails, and it plays a huge factor in hurting your nails on the first day of the application. Placing the acrylic over your thin nails will cause discomfort and irritation, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

It will take time for your natural nails to get used to an extra burden. Usually, it gets accustomed within the first day, and then the discomfort goes away. Having a nail extender is bound to feel heavy on your thin nails.

When your cuticle gets pushed back

Some nail experts push back your cuticle and pluck the extra flesh surrounding the cuticle region with the help of a cuticle nipper. It is done to make space for the acrylic to fit into your natural nails properly. But this removal of the skin and cuticle getting pushed back can cause sensitivity and slight pain for some people.

To reduce the pain and enhance recovery, technicians apply cuticle oil before starting this process and after getting the acrylics done.

Due to the type of nail glue used

In some cases, the type of nail glue applied when glueing the nail tip to your nail bed can trigger irritation and cause discomfort. This is why it is essential to go for the right type of glue, as some of them are not safe to use and are known to cause pain and soreness.

Plus, look out if you are developing any allergic reaction from the glue. It is so because some glue contains chemical compounds that can cause a reaction in some people. But, if you don’t get any allergies, the pain will disappear the next day.

When the acrylics cause a tightening sensation

You will feel a tightening sensation when your technician glues the nail tip to your natural nails. It is common for people who don’t get acrylic often or are new to it to feel discomfort and pain due to that sensation. That tightening feel arises because the nail tip must be glued firmly to your natural nails for the acrylic to cover up the upper half of your nail.

This step takes place before applying the acrylic powder to your natural nails. The discomfort will last in the first 24 hours of getting the acrylics but will fade away the next. However, if it stays and the pain is too uncomfortable, it will be best to talk to your nail expert.

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