What shades of lipsticks goes with Peach Dress?

Isn’t it annoying when you have the most adorable peach-colored outfit, and you can’t decide what lipstick color to wear with it? We understand your assignment and are here to help you! Listed below are eight colors that work well with peach dresses: Red (to make a strong statement look) Nude (for no makeup, makeup … Read more

What makeup goes with red dress?

Wearing a red dress can make you look energetic, bold, sexy, passionate, elegant, etc. all depending upon the makeup and accessories that you decide to wear with it. What lipstick goes with red dress? 1. Neutral When we talk about neutral colors, we are referring to the colors that are not too bold. Nude colors … Read more

Can you use setting spray over powder?

There are multiple options when you are doing your makeup and the same is true with setting spray and setting powder. A question which is often asked – Can you use setting spray over setting powder? We will answer the same in this post.   What exactly is setting spray?   It’s always depressing to … Read more

How to use liquid illuminators?

Liquid illuminators are a new type of liquid makeup that enhances the complexion and gives it a natural, radiant glow. They can be used as an alternative to highlighters or on top of makeup for extra shine. Liquid illuminators are great for any skin tone and give your face the perfect amount of luminosity without … Read more