Is maybelline fit me non comedogenic?

Maybelline fit me is one of the most popular brands. Being affordable and effective at the time makes it the choice of many. People with sensitive skin choose Maybelline as it works well on almost every skin type. But when you have oily or acne-prone skin you tend more towards investigating each product very carefully … Read more

Is bare minerals non comedogenic?

Due to the current atmosphere, everything we put on our skin causes acne and breakouts and if you’re someone that has acne-prone skin then it is not less than a nightmare. In that case what helps us are the non-comedogenic makeup. Many of your favorite makeup brands claim to be non-comedogenic. One of them is … Read more

Is lubriderm non comedogenic?

Having Blackheads is a common problem nowadays. The blackish area formed near the skin of the nose does not look good and whosoever has it wants to get rid of it. Many natural methods are devised which help in removing black heads. Many people wish to go for quick effective methods, out of which lubriderm … Read more

Can you use concealer as an eye primer?

The beauty world works on hacks. Numerous hacks of using a product in different ways can be seen all over the internet and some of them we learned by ourselves. Like using lipstick in 5 different ways and surprisingly it works well. Can you use concealer as an eye primer? Yes, you can use concealer … Read more

Why is lipstick shaped the way it is?

A lipstick is the first thing one thinks of when talking about makeup. It is an essential element of day to day well-being of women by beautifying their lips and face with its various shades and textures, whether in a party, a formal meeting or a regular outing. Why is lipstick shaped the way it … Read more

Why does the foundation separate?

Foundation is the most common base used for make-up. It provides a platform for the make-up to settle on the skin, giving it a shiny, clean and natural look. One can notice separating of the layers of make-up products used which often gives an extra whitening look to the face. This is the separation of … Read more

Is lipstick edible?

Worried about how one time you ate your lipstick as a child or even now your lipstick just vanishes from your lips as you ate it. it is of course a matter of worry as we accidentally lick our lipstick and it is possible anyways to be so close to the lips. Is lipstick edible? … Read more

Does lipstick contain animal fat?

Does lipstick contain animal fat?

We are in a generation where every product has either harmful products or animal fat. Few of them are 100% natural. The only good news about that is a lot of natural and vegan brands are growing day by day. lipstick is one of my favorite products and I guess it must be yours too. … Read more

Does baby oil remove makeup?

Does baby oil remove makeup?

Removing making is as tough as doing makeup, but you can’t skip it. Removing makeup Is a very crucial part of your routine. A makeup remover that removes every bit of your makeup is the best. Petroleum jelly, moisturizers, toners, micellar water, and baby oil are used to remove makeup. Baby oil is used for … Read more

What is the substitute for makeup primer?

If you’ve run out of your makeup primer, there are other alternatives too that are tried and tested by beauty enthusiasts. The substitutes for makeup primer include Deodorant, Aloe vera gel, Chafing gel, BB cream, Milk of magnesia, and vagisil. What is makeup primer and its benefits? Makeup primer is what you put on your … Read more